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Vehicle maintenance and repair: Oneself start work adjust next one light
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The summer heat of summer gradually disappear, many people like to be in to oneself right now the love car of one summer does pains a few nurse. Remember, the lamplight that a job that lets person oversight more easily is pair of cars undertakes examination and adjust. In prospective winter, a bright light can is opposite for certain of the car drive have very good help. For the person that starts work to liking oneself, adjusting light is the main chance of their distinguish oneself.

Above all, choose nightly park the car in edge of a wall. Head allowing a car and wall body as far as possible perpendicular, and maintain 10 meters of right-and-left distances. Open light first, and use thick cloth obscure a light, so that one by one adjusts the headlight of two side. Be sure to keep in mind, the carring capacity inside the car cannot too tall, also cannot too light, such light ability are moved more balancedly quite. The proposal looks for a friend to sit inside the car, can carry proper load not only so, and can someone helps.

After light is opened, the collection of the umbriferous note that use noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that gets on lamplight in metope comes down, no matter control light should with the car in the middle of in axes maintains equidistance. The phenomenon that if happen,slant outwards or slants upcountry, the clew in needing fibrous root uses manual according to the car is adjusted with screwdriver. The high right light as to light beam of light should out and out the level is point-blank, and left light should increase 10 centimeters up. Notice ten million cannot move light school is too high, such meetings take the eye that spends the driver opposite side. Besides height, the width of light illumination also can adjust, can move right light beam of light so that appreciably slants right, such is in the wet with extremely low visibility and mist day are met in right dypass face look more clearly.

The worker that adjusts light to be able to let build car plant of course does sth for sb, but oneself start work need a few minutes only, and interest is great.

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