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Tower of accept of contemporary all alone is common breakdown and means of settl
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Suonada is Beijing contemporary multiply in first when rolled out to home 2002 with the car. Coming from the Suonada with contemporary Korea is in contemporary range of products very the medium-sized car with durable guileless, ever was in large quantities of Korea is native land using to do a taxi, what Beijing full market runs now is series of tower of all alone accept the 6th acting product. Examine of this period steam door alls alone accept tower car advocate a few problems that encounter in use process and common breakdown are done one analytic.

Motive power unit:

Common breakdown one:

Motivation drops; Idle fast flabby; Oily cost raises; Cold car is worn fare is strong; Intermittence has destroy car phenomenon.

Diagnose: It is to maintain likely the metamorphism of engine interior engine oil that causes not in time or grease deposit, or solar term door, oil path not free, serious possible part parts has damaged. Inferior oil is tasted also is one of germ that produce afore-mentioned breakdown, taste state irregular as a result of domestic oil differ, if added the oil that involves nevertheless to cause the mixture energy of life inside engine crock extremely easily,burn not complete, generation accumulates carbon, be stuck in spiracle all round shut a sex with respect to what affected inlet valve and exhaust valve, then compression ratio is reduced, the result also can be behaved drop for traffic motive force, idle fast flabby.

Solve: The requirement of according to operation instruction handbook maintains by course of development on time, clean and relevant place; Cheer stand to the oil with good reputation as far as possible; Add the gasoline additive that a few Qing Dynasty add to accumulate carbon in gasoline tank after full oil, run one paragraph looks to whether be improved somewhat; To engage by special arrangement maintenance station cleans fuel injection the head is amiable the door; Examination car ignites whether module damages, if ignition time is wrong, when quickening, also meet urgently every time generation temper, engine trembles wait for a phenomenon.

Common breakdown 2:

The hand is moved block a car to be sent from time to tome in put into gear from gear-box coping " Ka Da " abnormal knocking.

Diagnose: It is bracket of put into gear produces damage commonly.

Solve: The hand moves gear-box to had shoulded not be in the movement when put into gear too fierce, fast, can injure orgnaization of put into gear otherwise. Should wait for a car to stop completely before hanging reverse gear especially firm hind step on next clutch to hang reverse gear again, such meetings reduce gear and the attaint probability that block a bracket.

Gear-box unit:

Common breakdown one:

Block a car automatically to there is abnormal knocking when the shift gears after ford, and rise block, fall block slow.

Diagnose: Be automatic gear-box drinks water likely, because there is a steam vent in the upside of automatic gear-box, once enter water to need disintegrate of will whole transmission case, change spare parts, upkeep costs is breathtaking.
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