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Love car is common ill full investigation
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Investigate a cause: Demeanour A 33

Survey sample: This second investigation adds up to 86 

  Clean idle fast motor

Symptom: 33 cars of demeanour A  engine idle fast it is to rely on idle fast motor is controlled. Because air is medium dirt is too much, when engine is moving, core of fast motor a powerful person and valve base place can accumulate idle have a lot of dirt, when bilge stockpile is overmuch, engine will appear idle fast too low, idle fast when stability difference, travel easy flameout.

Solve: Operating mode can return to normal through set commonly after cleaning.

Maintain the price: Clean solar term door and idle cost of fast motor man-hour is cost of raw materials of 84 yuan of  is 7 yuan (clear lotion 2 pails) .

Avoid tear open clean the system that take energy of life and atomizer

Symptom: 33 cars of A are in when inferior morning starts air temperature, often appear engine is started immediately flameout phenomenon, because engine suffers the dirt pollution in the impurity in benzine and air to form carbon deposit when the job,its reason basically is. These carbon deposit adhere to the needle in fuel injector, firebox, into exhaust valve and gas portal mouth. Right now engine still can appear combustion is not complete, the difficulty that start, motivation drops, quicken logy, idle fast quiver  risks black smoke, tail gas exceeds the engine when mark  is serious to will not be started.

Solve: Occurrence above symptom tears open Jie Qing to wash the system that take energy of life and atomizer with respect to need. Clean the system that take energy of life to avoid to tear open solution. 33 cars of proposal A 15000 kilometers undertake every travel avoid tear open clean, still can mix firebox at the same time the carbon deposit of piston coping is cleaned. Can avoid to enter stockpile of air system carbon deposit so too thick, and tear open solution to take air system.

Maintain the price: Avoid tear open clean atomizer man-hour cost to be bottle of 68 yuan of / for cost of raw materials of 105 yuan of  outfit of 650 m l .

Four-wheel fixed position

Symptom: Four-wheel the stability when the drill that locates the value breaks the  after allowing to be able to cause car accuses function to reduce  travel becomes poor, feel when the meeting when car turns way is serious, returnability is bad, and tire can appear slant grind a phenomenon.

Solve: Phenomenon of occurrence above of the  when car travel loves in discovery when you, must repair a factory in time to undertake to what have aptitude attestation four-wheel fixed position is adjusted.

Maintain the price: Four-wheel cost of fixed position man-hour is 240 yuan. Proposal every travel 25000 to 30000 kilometers, undertake single censoring.

The breakdown phenomenon of air flowmeter
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