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Beware of steam long black intrigue
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At present, home has plant of of all kinds vehicle maintenance and repair about 330 thousand. But in fact, nobody can say thoroughly to have how many store that build a car after all, because only roadside small shop gets without number more. While steam repairs industry like a raging fire, also reveal an a few problems with each passing day: The process that build a car does not let look around, ask a price is high, bad of difficult differentiate of fittings true and false, actor is divided hard, these slaughter a person " a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes " still extending to you, --

The disappear in coming from assist the message shows, quality of vehicle maintenance and repair was become complain heat. The near future, our newspaper also receives vehicle repair respect ceaselessly complain. September, it is the country pledges hair of check total bureau, China Communist News Ministry, country changes appoint those who wait to be advocated jointly " countrywide quality month " ; Association of Chinese vehicle maintenance and repair also is being begun in the whole nation " proposal maintenance company serves acceptance publicly " activity. For a short while, the problem that course of study of steam cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine exists makes the focal point of attention.

   Gen intrigue exposure

  Intrigue one: Perpetrate a fraud

Mr Zhang of Heibei opens a Kaidilake, loiter of not careful automobile body dropped a lacquer, send the car to to look at still calculate " normal " the inn that build a car, the car is over there park the Qi Bu after a day became good. Can be half lunar hind, kaidilake begins " bend over nest " , it is engine trouble first, gear-box also gave an issue later, later system of electronic strike a light is bad also. Send to to repair a factory to be overhauled normally, mr Zhang became foolish eye: The crucial part of a lot of former outfit on the car was changed.

The builds vehicle fund together case that procuratorate of area of Beijing rising sun investigated a few days ago also revealed a few problems that at present steam builds an industry. Among them one of it is enterprise of a few vehicle repair in the car advocate below the condition that does not know, repairing the certain spare parts that car changed in the process.

A few days ago, a repairman that stung by conscience ever uncovered astonishing inside story oneself: "Want to make money fast, had better change only do not repair. This is changed also have a principle, interior of brake, gear-box, engine is not kinetic commonly, but the place that a car cannot change has 10% to control only about. We will be old change secretly, compare a new reservation to rise, new can sell fund... "

  Intrigue 2: Fussily

Media friend Chen Xin repaired a factory to undertake to a steam a few days ago " long car " dark visit, "Check " hind connect of universal of transmission shaft be announcemented is bad already, must change connect of new universal of one a complete set of, need 1000 yuan 3. Actually, before build a car, he has asked professional master worker first cross arteries and veins, saying is to change dustproof set go, an ability 100 multivariate. Therein " feline be bored with " not character is axiomatic.
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