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Car doctor outpatient service - common disease diagnoses summertime love car (gr
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Last week, illicit home car advocate Mr Li is opening Xiali travel to be on the driveway, suddenly his disclosure engine is like special heat, stop to look, cistern " boil " . Situation is urgent under, he opens radiator lid quickly, cannot think of, boiling water finishs one in season in steam action and go out, arm immediately by scald. Weather is particularly sultry that day, do sth over and over again later, he feels tired be perturbed, but he still is biting a tooth to drive the car come home.

Summertime air temperature is tall, solar radiation is strong, love car falls ill easily, for the illicit home car that moves to not was free especially, it is a headachy thing really, wei Hengxun of connoisseur of vehicle maintenance and repair reminds driver friend summer drive a vehicle wants to note the following problem, avoid similar phenomenon to happen as far as possible.

  Disease: Summertime drive a vehicle examines the oily quantity of fuel above all, fuel maintains oily watch to indicate the position of 1/3 above, the vapour lock that because burn the fuel of gasoline tank,produces lesser is bigger also, easy generation flameout.

   Prescription: Avoid long travel, be like long-distance can rest appropriately in order to drop fuel temperature. Does the attention observe water is warm? Fume avoid high temperature travel, high temperature also can cause flameout. If flameout is not during transit flurried, should notice safety? Fume at this moment brake and change direction can not help strength but likewise effective.

Be like during transit flameout but car place safety positional hind opens fuel to add note mouth and engine lid about half hours to be able to be started again, but whether should notice to listen to fuel pump to there is unusual sound? If do not have,fume but normal travel.
Spontaneous combustion

  Disease: The frequency that accident of summertime car spontaneous combustion produces wants far outclass other season.

   Prescription: The cause that causes car spontaneous combustion is varied. Have commonly: The electrical wiring inside bodywork is exposed because of maintain or adding the account such as the configuration inside outfit car outer, attrition, damaged happens in travel and cause short circuit on fire; Wait for a phenomenon because of oil path has a problem and producing leakage oil, once appear electrostatic scintilla often on fire. So, should make further examination to the circuit of the car and oil path more in summertime driver (the technology of the car is more and more sophisticated now, the technical staff that proposal new driver asks major in maintenance station undertakes checking) ; Follow a car to must provide fire control tool, be ready for any eventuality. In addition, cannot have cheered full. Lid of car gasoline tank has blowhole, if benzine is added too completely, the bumpy meeting of travel makes benzine spills over, meet electrostatic can cause fire.
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