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Fu Kang car pounds crock of phenomenon make a diagnosis and give treatment
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Breakdown symptom: Have ' 98 gods Long Fukang 988 cars, in this car rainstorm sail urgently, had developed loblolly way before long, dash forward listen to slam-bang, engine flameout, cannot start again, be rescued them to pull a plant area by maintenance station.

Diagnose eliminate: Inspector basis car advocate an account in one's own words, preliminary diagnose produce mechanical failure for engine. Undertake as follows checking then, tear open a sparkplug, sparkplug Kong Yi gives water, knock muffler, spill over water. Diagnostic engine produces accident of adj/LIT wide crock. Analyse check engine, discover thisAfter crock of engine adj/LIT wide, damaged of a crock of piston, crock wall already was pounded to wear by connecting rod. Additional fuel injector core lever breaks off. Change the rehabilitate after engine cylinder body and a group of connecting rod, piston and fuel injector.

Breakdown analysis: 988 air filter takes Fu Kang tracheal mouth is located in radiator grille bottom, the high speed in car rainstorm has developed loblolly a sector of an area, the water billow that arouse from inspiratory mouth inside inspiratory crock, cause adj/LIT wide crock. Because water is incompressible body, connecting rod fastens a turn, piston damaged, cause pound a crock. Fuel injector is located in inside firebox, lever core supports.

Qualitative check personnel did not start blindly and check part of system of electric gush, fuel, avoided bigger loss thereby, with the thorough knowledge to Fu Kang structure, judged breakdown well and truly.

Experience summary: Because Fu Kang car takes tracheal place special, accident of adj/LIT wide crock is reached to happen from time to tome into water inside the crock. And much dirt area is easy produce air filter to jam, engine flameout breakdown. When Beijing sand and dust is cruel, fu Kang car ever produced air filter to jam cause flameout trouble.

Fu Kang car passes a section of a highway that overflow water or be after rainstorm day travel, be like disclosure engine overheat, after the unusual appearance such as easy flameout, in answering to check engine oil quickly whether interfuse moisture, its method is as follows: (1) cheers a draw-out oil fluid from engine oil in test tube, to smooth observation, be like muddy, become angry or emulsification; After quiet place statified or have precipitation foreign matter, 0.2% above moisture content is contained in engine oil. Drink water of course serious, can touch from engine oil feet take engine oil to observe engine oil of degenerative shape of yellow brown emulsification. (2) heats iron plate is controlled to 200 ℃ , go up with drop of engine oil feet 3 to 4 dribble appearance, if oil drips to bubble or produce Pi Pi poop to ring, prove to there is water in engine oil. (3) takes out engine oil drop to be on pure bombazine, be far from gasoline tank, ignite bombazine, the noise that bang of Pi Pi bang can give out after hydrous engine oil is ignited and bubbly, not hydrous engine oil is easy ignite.
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