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Use correctly with maintenance 3 yuan of catalysis converter
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Fuel: The car that takes converter of 3 yuan of catalysis must use the gas that do not have lead. The lead in the benzine that contain lead and sulfur reduced the efficiency of activator greatly. Plumbic activation the agent hardens, form a crust, contaminant of block up exhaust arrives at activator in time and react to it. Accordingly, use the catalysis that the fuel that contain lead can be weakened gradually or eliminates activator to be polluted to exhaust to change ability continuously.
Engine: The average and internal temperature of good job is as high as catalytic converter 816 Celsius, prep above when this temperature, activator can fuse or decompose, reduce the moving life of converter thereby. And engine falls in unusual job status, enter converter
the compound such as the HC that excessive contains in waste gas, these compound turn catalytic converter into a temperature to get enough high the catalytic furnace of fused activator. Although good record besides is in to debug in engine,also get at that time, use to its impropriety also can produce exorbitant activator temperature. For example, in idle fast falling to be started for long is a kind of when reduce catalytic converter life worst operating mode. Idle fast time protraction, engine generation issues more quantity of heat than regular way speed. Accordingly, the car engine that contains catalytic converter every time idle fast do not exceed 10 minutes.
Maintenance: Examination engine works each crocks when the circumstance, had better use oscilloscope and need not short circuit law or the method from lead of sparkplug of the debus on the engine of in operation will break away from the air cylinder that lack fire. If do not have oscillograph, when checking doubtful air cylinder with debus sparkplug lead or short circuit law, engine movement do not exceed 30 seconds; To using a convention the car of transmission does not want go-cart to start, and application reserves accumulator and bond cable; Appear abnormal working condition, if breathe heavily spontaneous combustion, badly brace up, when temper or repeatability stall, should stop in time machine repair, because these states can bring about catalytic converter permanent damage; The car that travel wears do not cut off ignition switch; When engine discontinuity ignites, starting engine does not exceed 60 seconds.

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