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Analysis of case of illness: Love car is old boil air conditioning not refrigera
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Case of illness 1: High temperature issues love car old boil

Recently, make a gentleman drive travel falls in high temperature, car boil, make a gentleman urgently heat up sweat dripping wet. Very artful, around as it happens has to repair a factory, make a gentleman ask repairman to help rapidly. Cistern of repairman handle press close to, judge cistern to whether jam with this. Make a gentleman can't help antrum of heart be suspicious: Cistern temperature is very high, the hand cannot be complete cistern of press close to, such repairing is the method accurate? For this, reporterConsulted company of Beijing vehicle repair Han Youbo of section chief of division of 6 plants technology.


Infrared ray measures Wen Yi

Check cistern temperature

Han Youbo tells a reporter, summer water Wen Gao, boil is common disease, but how be checked is most common cistern loop bad? It is when repairman is very much become aware with feel or inference, judgement may jam for cistern. Have many corrupt practice with this method actually: It is a car advocate white beautiful brushstroke treats unjustly money; 2 it is the fame loss that repairs a factory to be caused because of diagnostic error; 3 was to waste many time; 4 it is the real situation that affects other breakdown.

Since use hand feeling to have so much corrupt practice, so how to solve this most repairman to fail to cast off the difficulty of judgement quite? Han Youbo gives such method in the summary in practice: Make full use of the temperature of each place that infrared ray measures Wen Yi to check cistern. The truth is very simple: Temperature should drop gradually along with the direction of going from place to place of water, if choppy, the proof has the place that block up; In addition, still can pass the temperature that measures certain place well and truly, will assist find out the breakdown that concealments quite. Han Youbo was the car that makes gentleman total boil to undertake checking with this method, a little while time, fostered cordial relations between states. Make a gentleman meet the person says: This method is really magical!

Car doctor ana

Equipment and tool are not a decoration

Current, there still are a lot of kinds of equipments and tool to just be furnished in vehicle repair, a lot of people still take equipment to regard as a kind of tool that show off, its are true value has not been developed adequately, the function that connects an in part even has not put development to use. As outstanding maintenance technician has the function of development and outspread instrument equipment only, car of foster cordial relations between countries of ability utmost ground.

   Case of illness 2: Air conditioning not refrigeration

The air conditioning that Mr Li discovers a car of late not refrigeration (2. 5 engine) , the car always is in this kind of feeling appears for long after travel. The course checks discovery, at first, air conditioning is very cool, measure a blast tuyere temperature 8 ℃ influence ability, can suck normally, stop pump; Place is worn car after 449 minutes, discovery feels heated stage by stage inside the car, and some evaporate are hot. Check temperature of empty v a place with a draught again, still be in 8 ℃ - 10 ℃ left and right sides, without the phenomenon with bad refrigeration of apparent air conditioning.
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