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How to maintain two handcart understanding maintains the history very necessary
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The first, history of the use that understands car, maintenance.

Serve as above all leave a car advocate the maintenance history that must know primary vehicle carefully, can begin from original maintenance record first usually, if be the client that services in normal maintenance center, maintenance center can fill in seriously maintenance record. Can see the client is right from which the maintenance of car, maintain circumstance. The car before still can be being judged from which additionally advocate to car cherish degree. Maintain commonly good car client cherishs car quite, use case is relatively good. In the meantime, some cars advocate in blame is normal plant maintenance, maintain, because maintain, maintenance work is non-standard, car can stay have breakdown, safe hidden trouble. When buying a car so, must notice to maintain, maintenance log. In the meantime, notice even whether accident car (column of A, B, C is bumped be out of shape) , the car of bubble sprinkler, baked wheaten cake car that has safe hidden trouble. Still have the environment that also should know former client car to use, for instance in the country, the car chassis that the seaside uses often allows easy decay to wait.

The 2nd, do comprehensive check-up.

Make comprehensive inspection to 4S inn, proposal new car advocate make comprehensive inspection to agency of two handcart brand, the maintenance that passes brand agency runs a system, the maintenance that understands car, maintain the history, whether does the inquiry that emphasizes have casualty to wait a circumstance a moment.

The 3rd, car condition reachs the ground use fixed number of year is made comprehensive, necessary maintain.

Do from the beginning maintain in the round (basis car condition) , the kilometer number according to car, maintain, maintenance circumstance, reference maintains the expert's proposal, do comprehensive maintain normally. For instance 1~2 year, the car of 10 thousand kilometers of 2~4 does oil change to maintain, conveniently examination changes direction, braking system all can. But if be 3, 4 years, 6, that must do the car of 70 thousand kilometer to maintain thoroughly in the round, the proposal changes entirely the system such as electric equipment of oily, fluid and examination batholith, transmission, engine, air conditioning, change direction especially, the system such as apply the brake. The examination that believes to pass above, maintain, the security that maintains car, dependability is met greatly rise. And can be at ease use.

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