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Do easily calm! Repair an unexpected winner the car has key
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Older to was being bought for the person that car of old an unexpected winner perhaps imports a car, maintenance and maintain bother not only, and often cost many. Just compare substantial ability to decide to move to buy a car because of the price originally, but compare others everywhere tall repair charge to let poll ache really. Everybody gives a few proposals about maintenance factory and spare parts below, offer reference.
Anthology accurate manufacturer is the most crucial because lack the major of 4S inn and so on,maintain a site, cars of a lot of an unexpected winner repair the steam that must depend on a tradition to build a plant with what import a car. And the mass that steam builds a plant criterion the good and bad are intermingled, facing the vehicle with complex norms to also be dealt with hard. If the bold horse of the entrance hefts 3 tons oneself, the car is wide also extraordinary, the equipment maintenance of use tradition rises very troublesome. And certain on car of the drive after the Europe of 80 time imports the century is medium perhaps the racing bike of buy postposition engine often is in the respect extraordinary such as gear-box, transmission shaft, tear open the job that gets an outfit not to go up to often happen. Accordingly, the car to cars of those an unexpected winner and car of old old entrance advocate for, most important is to seek a technology excellent, and can make a price repairs a factory suitably.
The connoisseur points out, maintenance value basically comprises by two: Man-hour cost and fittings charge. Generally speaking, man-hour cost is already special and transparent, and what have feline dirt truly still is to be on fittings. Because car is an unexpected winner originally scarce, metabolic range leaves on fittings price so often very big, control expenditure still basically depends on car abet using what kind of spare parts.
Spare parts accepts or reject to master a car opportunely is a big industry, the product of a lot of companies looks be like different, but it is OK actually when maintenance of crossing-over. The lion of Si Balu force that like the one century on the paragraph 90 time produce, change 4 pay brake piece be about to cost 6000 yuan, still must shift to an earlier date 9 months make an appointment, if convert the brake of mulberry car piece, expenditure still is not worth its 1/10, same also valve is used. Similar still 3 filter, rain is blown and pensile bedspring. The car needs here advocate have a few basic knowledge, it master what spare parts is OK to master what spare parts general, and did not affect to the function of the car -- , if change the tire of different brand and acoustics, and after what changed, be can influential, what having especially cannot be replaced quite completely.
Substitute to was being used for the person of the spare parts, the influence that must take care to be caused because of the little difference of dimension, norms, if noise increases, rain blows attrition glass, bedspring to come up against tire to wait, need asks experienced operator to try to move school. Be similar to occasionally prevent hit stout carrying pole such spare parts, chose substitute to save money to return very the canal is used, and occasionally little rain blew an attrition glass to appear a deep trench is about to allow a car advocate the price that pays thousands of yuan more goes changing. This must hear the opinion of a n experienced person and connoisseur more.
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