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Practical: Car upkeep cost mixes 2 class car advocate check and accept a standar
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The car is tasted as loss, provide some good performance to maintain its, general kilometer of every travel 7500-10000 is about to make 2 form into the factory care and maintenance. But car advocate maintain to 2 class existence suspects a manner, whether does suspicion serve business to be in 2 when protecting, knock on brushstroke, perhaps do not give sufficient maintain. Actually, car advocate can check and accept 2 class by right of certain level quality of care and maintenance, hand in charge to also have a level but abide. Fu Lun of maintenance expert Yuan is in " 3 · 15 " the car gives during coming advocate friends offerred a few consult standard:

   Car care and maintenance checks and accept 2 class standard

1. Engine passes 3 Qing Dynasty after 3 filter work, ying Yiqi is moved, movement smooth, exhaust is normal (show tail gas amounts to mark) , pressure of lukewarm, engine oil accords with water requirement, rotate speed Zhang Jin of noise of smooth, as good as, each leather belt is measurable, without 4 leakage (water, oily, report, gas) phenomenon.

2. Directional freedom journey and toe-int accord with a requirement, change direction light, agile, reliable, the front-wheel drive when travel places head and sideslip without the left and right sides.

3. Clutch freedom journey accords with a requirement, the operation is convenient, separate complete, union is smooth, reliable, as good as is noisy, hydraulic pressure system does not have leakage oil.

4. Gear-box, drive axle, gimbal (or axle shaft) gearing lubricant and good, join is reliable, without abnormal knocking and overheat, do not jump block, shift gears is agile, do not leak oily.

5. Journey of freedom of footplate of apply the brake and brake intermittence accord with a requirement, the drive a vehicle, apply the brake that be stationed in a car is good, sluggish phenomenon procrastinates when sideslip phenomenon and apply the brake are not being had when apply the brake, job of inertial proportioning valve is regular, do not leak oily.

6. Tire pressure is normal (the high low-pressure level that different model sets is different) .

7. Cantilever, damping is fixed and reliable, the function is normal, hub bearing temperature is after travel not high fever.

8. Dynamo, starter, lamplight, appearance, signal lamp, pushbutton, switch is accessary facility is all ready, complete, it is normal to can work.

9. Whole vehicle lubricates each the dot is added pour lubricating oil.

10. Complete Che Chong washs cleanness.

Maintenance manufacturer should accomplish above only 10 2 class maintain exercise, car is eligible product, car advocate can be at ease.

  Reasonable upkeep costs

1. Service station of maintenance of engage by special arrangement of each brand car presses a car to produce manufacturer to ask to answer in business lobby suspension each project is mixed various maintain the rate of man-hour cost, material fittings cost, the client can understand consumption completely.
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