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Inquire into the root of the matter " burn engine oil "
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"Burn engine oil " also infect

Our newspaper just is tracked reported Pu Sang " burn engine oil " incident, a few days ago, shine in friendly Pan of car of Jiangsu salt city (plate number: Revive JK0767) the bit that complains Chang'an to our newspaper for many times again " burn engine oil " problem. As we have learned, mr Pan bought the star of a Chang'an in August 2002, 2003 the end of the year discovers sump engine oil becomes little. Travel arrived in July 2003 when 15000 kilometers, discovery " burn engine oil " become serious. The travel after maintenance when 6000 kilometers, appear again " burn engine oil " phenomenon, heavy repair at one's own expenses then. This year Feburary, undertook to engine again 3 protect. Mr Pan already put forward 50 thousand yuan compensation to ask to manufacturer a few days ago. The reporter understands from Mr Pan place, the bit that place still has 229 Chang'an " burn engine oil " .

Modest of car friendly Xu (revive JU1981) say, he the star of the Chang'an that the end of the year bought 2002, already ran now 70 thousand much kilometer, every 5 1000 kilometers should add engine oil of two pails of beautiful inspire confidence in sb.

Arms of classics of car friendly Cai (revive JT0427) say, the star of his Chang'an begins when 20 thousand much kilometer " burn engine oil " .

Li Guofa (revive JK0547) say, the star of his Chang'an " burn " very fierce, begin to change sparkplug when 20 thousand much kilometer, changed now 30 many, had undertaken heavying repair in 40 thousand a long time.

The star of Chang'an " burn engine oil " the phenomenon is more than in saline city. Li Junqing of Shenzhen car friend (B5T912 of another name for Guangdong Province) also complain to our newspaper, the astral car of the Chang'an that he buys newly is advanced before long also because of " burn engine oil " undertook heavying repair. According to Introduction Li Junqing, he was in Shenzhen on March 14 this year the astral small passenger car that some company buys a Chang'an, use discover before long " burn engine oil " mirror to maintenance station. When maintaining twice afore, place maintains a station (suitable Xin) all consider as oil seal problem to keep abreast of went to change. However " burn engine oil " did not stop. Plum say: "Do not have method, I maintained a station on June 12 again, they say, it is really ' burn engine oil ' , do not have other measure, can heavy repair only. Can heavy repair only..

Friendly Tianjin car Mr Lu also had used up big question to be complained to our newspaper because of engine oil a few days ago. Mr Lu bought in May 2003 2.8 litres of Pasate V6, new Che Gang ran 2000 kilometers are on the freeway " bend over nest " . Classics examination discovery is engine do not have engine oil. The car after adding engine oil ran normally again. To this, tianjin king Lan Zhuang maintains a station to suggest about especially, be after preventing reappear " be short of oil to bend over nest " , had better prepare a pail of engine oil on board, often check engine, the phenomenon that be short of oil is cheered immediately.
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