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Travel tax policy has resulted in large displacement aggravated second-hand car
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Travel tax policies have led to Mr. Wang recently compared the owner of anxiety, because he has a displacement of 4.0L Cherokee, and in accordance with the latest travel tax policy, the New Deal, his car to pay 4920 yuan per year travel tax, and before the year Travel tax a few hundred dollars compared to the cost of Mr. Wang sharp increase in the use of each of 4,000 yuan. This change gave him the idea of change, but the market reaction is often faster, large displacement low-cost second-hand car prices have begun to Down, the sale means the loss of many Cherokee 4.0L. Cheap large displacement small number of second-hand car In fact, according to reporters in the city of second-hand automobile market and sub-Hua Xiang floor observation, this low number of large displacement are not many second-hand cars, mainly due to high oil prices have led to a drop in demand of these vehicles. Based on the survey, in oil The years of soaring prices, the prices of these used cars continued to decline, almost down to the bottom, of course, the number of vehicles as demand fell drastically reduced. A used car broker said that at present such as Cherokee 4.0L, new car prices were up to 20 million, but after several rounds of price cuts, the current price of the vehicle before and after 2004, also at 5 million yuan. If the system of travel tax, Relatively poor vehicle condition and sold less than 50,000 yuan. And as some of the high price of large displacement second-hand car, because of their relatively high prices, large displacement of less than low-priced car, the greater impact may come from new car prices. Recent market transactions showed that the new car market, the recent decline in prices of imported cars, used car prices are adjusted downward, and the implementation of travel tax policy will exacerbate this decline. Travel tax to preserve and increase the damage of large displacement rate used car According to market estimates, the future, the use of large displacement increase means the cost of preserving and increasing the rate of second-hand car will continue to decline, particularly in lower prices of large displacement vehicles bear the brunt of its own brand, to preserve and increase the rate of these vehicles is not A sharp decline in the coming years. Lee used car broker, said, "We also more optimistic about the large displacement used cars, used cars only a large displacement the price down, and will gradually drive down the overall price of used cars, second hand car market will preserve and increase the rate of general Down, for the purchase of second-hand cars is good news for consumers. " Currently, most of the year hedge rates used car basically about 80%, and developed countries compared to the overall high level, and as the cost of large displacement cars increased again, most of the overall preservation rate of second-hand car Will fall to about 70%, and thus driving the small car used car preservation rate of decline. Of course, some cars with high emissions will continue to have great individual market demand, as the article mentioned at the beginning of Mr. Wang has given up the market sale price is too low, which is another important reason is that the Cherokee 4.0L A great deal of personal conversion.