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How to choose business and business affairs model two handcart
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In the consumer of two handcart, have quite one part person is to satisfy the need of different business, so in two handcart market, this kind of model holds the proportion that comparative, look from the model, car, MPV, medium-sized minibus, van waits. Different model, also the report of be clear at a glance gives respective accommodation. Be like MPV model, wait like wind of GL8, luck, Odyssey, advocate if be used,receive the visitor that sends a company; Wait for medium-sized minibus like cropland of golden cup, blessing, basically be to use contented freight requirement, individual unit is to use those who make the use such as regular bus; Dinkum secondhand goods car carries the consumptive demand of livelihood with satisfying those relying on.

So business or business affairs car, choose the widest extensive, the choice room on different price is very big also, of low price nimble is amounted to, Sangdana; Intermediate the Sa having handkerchief of price is special this B5, cropland is elegant cabinet; In of higher-priced, ao Di A6 is most; Still have resemble running quickly, BMW, Ling Zhi, the value that has some of model among them already passed 1 million. Of course, price jumps over tall car, respect of its technology content, function, quality, and brand value is met subsequently " when the river rises the boat goes up too " . Additional, business and business affairs secondhand car, consumer considers even " face " problem, namely " the car that what kind of identity matchs which level " , and in business affairs circumstance, class is too low lose face, class is too high bypass the immediate leadership, too fashionable change more do not wait into decency.

1, in low price secondhand in the car, be amounted to with nimble and Sangdana is the most appropriate, be apart from in the compasses in exterior, long-term since it is each enterprise or business unit, and the business of army uses a car, formed standard of comparison for years " business is temperamental " , become very much individual to satisfy " half fair half illicit " the first selection model of utility. When consumer is choosing, as far as possible with young the model that turn is given priority to, 5, 60 thousand yuan of price, already can buy 2003, each model 2004.

2, in the car of price, with Sangdana 2000 for most, if amount to nimble,the business that regards introductory level with mulberry tower accept uses a car, so Sangdana 2000 " improved social status " , although go up not to have too much window in technical quality, but the space is more capacious, the guest that is an unit was built relatively comfortable take an environment. When the choose and buy, want to be given priority to with the model with close a particular year likewise, the Sangdana that appears on the market because of later period 2000 series, wait like free boiling point, sedan, person of outstanding talent, not only car condition is better, and configuration has very big rise. In the meantime, sang Dana the configuration of 3000 was to absorb Pasate more the element of a few designs of B5, more show class. Be in commonly 7, 80 thousand yuan of price, can buy car condition pretty good.
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