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National car sales growth next year, 20% used car a "blowout" tide
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Recently, China's auto market indices, according to research published last year, an automobile Composite Index Calculation: China's auto growth next year will be about 20%, sales of 21 million; and used car trade will exceed 5 million, and Start a "blowout." 8 sales exceed 40 million years later According to China Automotive Q3 reports of listed companies, industry net profit growth rate of 176.39 percent, the overall profitability at unprecedented high level. Experts in the mathematical model of BARI estimates, although smaller cars and car trade tax concessions and subsidies will be out, some places will be limited because of limited sewage blocked the launch of the policy limits use of private cars, but the car to the countryside vehicle purchase subsidies and new energy policy will continue, 10 million level of demand for car rigid. Meanwhile, China's stock market bear market bid farewell to the good will for the Chinese auto market heating. As a result, China's auto market will enter a "golden decade" early, to reach 40 million by 2018 only when sales peak. Used car "blowout" the momentum will continue From 2000 to 2009, 10 years, China's second-hand car trading volume rose from 251,700 to 3,338,600, an increase of 13 times. But if the second-hand car trading volume are included, China can not be regarded as "the world's largest car market," can only be said to be "the world's largest car market." Mature car market in Europe, used car and new car than 2 to 1 or 3 to 1, this year, used cars and new cars in China than 0.23 to 1. However, notably Beijing and other more mature auto market, this ratio has reached the global average of 0.8 to 1. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences researcher, Development Research Institute of Guorong Fairmont cars that people change with the accelerated pace of China's second-hand car trading next year will appear for the first time a "blowout" market, and this momentum will continue to blow, second-hand automobile market in 2015, transaction volume will reach 12 million. Customer Satisfaction is the first "zero growth" Although China's automobile market the way the line, but the market place is also very worrying. The first Chinese car customer satisfaction this year, the first time "zero growth." According to the China Quality Association's "2010 National Automobile user satisfaction survey" shows that the owner satisfaction index to 78 this year (out of 100), with last year. Among them, automobile sales, maintenance, insurance and satisfaction were poor. Second, the first-tier cities, "limit line", "limited license" limited effect, caused by a car "urban disease" symptoms have been present. Experts pointed out that the face of rising aspirations of Chinese consumers to buy a car, how to coordinate the "unity of people and vehicles?" How to "soften" people, vehicles, roads that have emerged between the sharp contradictions? Urban management department will be a pressing problem.