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Regular enough to go around second-hand car market barely enough to 1 / 5 assig
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"Why not open the shop next to the Vehicle Administration that the used car market to go it?" Park Hill South in one of the larger dealers, the reporter asked the boss. "There has long been full of, ah, no place to go!" The boss look helpless. Fang reporter refers to the lake in the used car market in Xiamen, which is currently the only city in the informal second-hand car market. Interview, the reporter found, it is the second-hand business in the eyes of all the meat and potatoes. Second-hand car market in Xiamen City, covering a total area of 21,000 square meters, a total of 108 stores, 720 parking spaces. 25 square meters in size here to rent a shop and then put six parking spaces, one month's rent of about three or four thousand dollars, the price is reasonable. However, the 108-store only enough to the city about 1 / 5 stationed around the used car business, he's late nature gone. This situation enough to go round, so that the free market outside the "retail" are on the market inside the "regular army" would envy. In interviews, many used car dealers have repeatedly mentioned a problem --- popularity. Business, you need a good business environment, you need to cluster effect. The more businesses together to operate, the more the atmosphere of this transaction to be able to bring up. Therefore, businesses are also hoping to have a venue large enough to absorb them are concentrated in the past. Thus, not only standardized the business bigger, while second-hand car lane and eyesores of the issues have been resolved.