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Used-car market with low amount of tax evasion shall invoice
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Core tips Kazakh government in accordance with the special meeting to rectify the spirit of second-hand car trading, radical Harbin Airport Road lane and the chaos of selling cars to be doing three things: identify the main second-hand automobile market, manage and uniform invoice used car sales, regulation Van used car transfer to membership management. "One of the most critical part is to manage the invoice." 23, Omaha used car industry Hang Chen (a pseudonym) told reporters rebellion: Hashi invoice used car market turmoil, the transfer of invoices, the development of votes, and even wigs Vote trading situation has existed for a long time, "will be able to complete the procedure with the invoice," second-hand car trading in Harbin has been an open secret. Chen Hang, if second-hand car trading invoice monitoring in place, there is bound to rectify the lane and selling cars again . At the same time, played in the second-hand car dealers Liu told reporters workers, the majority of car dealers in Harbin, as long as the vehicle to provide the file, you can spend 50 yuan to buy a used car sales uniform invoice. Invoice amount of money with low tax evasion Hang Chen told reporters, according to the provisions of the present Harbin, trading second-hand cars must be at the venue, but the status of Harbin is: a store room, a desk, a telephone, a "license" can "join" . "The business scope of distribution business is the acquisition and sale of used cars, that is ready to sell used cars bought into the company account, then sale of the name of the enterprise." Hang Chen said that according to the provisions of the sale of used cars should be According to the actual selling price to the tax authorities pay 2% tax. However, some second-hand car distribution business is not really for the acquisition and sale of used cars, used car sales but on behalf of the uniform invoice open, trading at below market prices from The charge transfer fees. Second-hand car distribution company that knows "second-hand car circulation management approach" explicitly stipulates that the transaction can not charge transfer fees cars, but is still driven by the interests of the illegal operations. In addition, these violations Enterprises in order to evade the tax authorities of the inspection, the amount invoiced to the means of low-evasion models, which appeared in a car the actual sale price is 5 million, the issuance of uniform invoices used car sales, the price is only 5,000 yuan , Or even 1,000 yuan out of the phenomenon. 23, the reporter went to hang District, a positive way eastbound. Has a unit, told reporters the two Audi cars purchased in 2006 to go to personal name, to the less one pays, whether the price of the formalities in the "Help" The car line, a responsible person with a calculator figured, given a car to run a variety of procedures as long as the price of 1,000 yuan, saying it was the lowest. Purchased a 2006 Audi 1000 yuan can run a variety of procedures, duty to pay how much? A used car industry to reporters just such an account, pay the cost of removal and all should be charged by car dealers That the service charge, this car's price is also ten thousand yuan, 200 yuan of tax. Specifications in accordance with the normal channels, which more than 20 million units valued at second-hand vehicles, it should pay taxes in 5000 or so. 50 can buy an invoice Hang Chen said, used car sales invoice Hashi unified the vast majority of used car distribution businesses can afford to buy both. Kazakh reporter has come to level the road two dealers. In the first car dealers, told reporters that there is a private car want to sell to colleagues, can buy a regular used car sales uniform invoice. One man said the car line, Vehicle files must be brought before the sale invoice. Asked invoice price, the man said: 50 yuan each. In another car dealers, a middle-aged woman said we should file used vehicle, invoice price is 100 yuan. It is understood that, under the relevant provisions of the administrative area of non-cross-invoice, used car seat should be in the vehicle registration transactions, transfer of registration of used cars should be in accordance with the provisions of the public security departments of the vehicles registered in the original Local traffic management department for public security organs. Chen Hang, said Harbin part of the county (city) used car sales company not formed by the local market, so they came to Omaha with the invoice, the price below market fee billing irregularities, serious disruption of the Omaha II Used market order. Some dealers issued a false invoice. Harbin IRS Collection Division staff told reporters that members of the public to buy a used car, take the third copy invoice payment and found himself holding a false invoice. Prior to transfer and other formalities in the office did not find. Regulate the market first invoice management Second-hand car industry, told reporters: "In accordance with the provisions of the tax department, used car market operators to invoice only for use in this market. Hands off Che Fanzi sources used car trade bill, there are two channels : One is the false invoices, the other is bought second-hand car market in the invoice. " This reporter has learned, recently, Harbin Commerce, Trade and Industry and other departments stationed in the airport on the way the three second-hand car market survey found that many engaged in the trading of second-hand car dealers, does not have the legal business qualification and, therefore, Can not provide tax invoice. Second-hand car industry that only a small part of the annual Harbin used car transactions in the market for a formal procedure, most used car transactions using the invoice source is very suspicious. Airport Road lane and the existence of the formation of car dealers The uniform invoices used car sales black market, which is the formation of second-hand car trading Hashi "deserted market, the market is difficult outside the ban never repeated," the root causes. Kazakh government to implement further rectifying and standardizing on second-hand car trading Requirements, manage the invoice into the problem must be solved.