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Market policy draw together the spring of second-hand car market
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From the weak second-hand car market in China to mature, the difficulties of the road is still heavy. 35 million in the next 5 years to build 20 used car supermarkets, which is "honest new used car" targets. In the January before, SAIC integration "Angie" used car brand, like in 2 years, used car revenues accounted for SAIC received 10% of income. Just two months time, the surging wave of second-hand car market. From the two goals, we can see that the SAIC, GM and Shanghai GM in China used car market prospects look good. Statistics show that last year, second-hand car cross country Easily reached 3.34 million, an increase of 21.97% or more, the cumulative amount of 148.832 billion yuan transactions, an increase of 25.85%. And because of frequent new car market, constantly lower prices, used car transactions, 60% -80% of vehicles within 4-6 years. The so-called "no profit can not afford early," just around the corner behind the enterprise is a huge market. In a mature car market, vehicle sales profits of the auto industry profits accounted for only 20%, while the remaining 80% of the profits from the car After the market. In the current round of investment boom, there are many points in common, for example, both rely on a strong brand in the domestic call; and a strong sales network; business chain link all aspects of used cars, including the provision of replacement, second-hand Vehicle acquisition, certification, marketing and so on. Trying to change the current management of used-car market turmoil, prices and other ills transparent, and establish industry standards. However, both vigorously explore the significance of second-hand car market is bigger, and explore a suitable Combined mode of operation in China. In addition, increased investment in the enterprise want to change the industry standard, the other hand are also promoting the healthy development of the market. Since last year, relevant departments frequently introduced the policies, want to create a healthy second-hand car trading platform. Last July Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance issued "second-hand car market upgrading demonstration project", in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangxi and other 10 provinces and cities, through financial support and guide enterprises to improve the information level, forward markets Feature upgrades to improve the trading environment as the focus for technological innovation, and promote the continued growth of second-hand car trading. Earlier this year, the Commerce Department again said that it will actively explore the methods used-car value-added tax revenue, promote the establishment of temporary capacity used cars The registration system. Can be expected, when the market, the policy forward together to promote the potential of second-hand car, second-hand car market is a real wake-up the day of the spring be far behind? No doubt this spring coming! According to the China Automobile Dealers Association in the past 10 years Second-hand car market in the country quantitative analysis of changes in annual growth that the future of second-hand car market will remain at an average of 20% or more of the higher level, which, in the 2010 to 2013, China's second-hand car market is expected to usher in a "bull market "Quotes. According to this reasoning, from second-hand car "bull market" is only a short 2 years, but the market finished ready? Can be said that the Chinese from the weak second-hand car market to mature, the difficulties of the road is still heavy. For example: what kind of business model Better? Business professionals how to care for? And so on. Ding Lei, Shanghai GM, General Manager and even the face of a reporter's question, can not give a clear answer, only in practice, continue to explore business models for the Chinese market, and to cultivate Second-hand car market in the Chinese management elite.