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Beware of the original owners to buy second-hand car travel tax evasion
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"Buy a new used car, not open on the original owners also give a thousand dollars of taxes." After this second-hand car just happy the new owner of Mr. Zhao transfer procedure, to the tax office to know the original owner give yourself prepared A multi-ship delivery of the vehicle tax is not a "gift." It turned out that the original owner is a travel tax of the "old Lai", under 5 years of vehicle use tax did not pay, through the transfer of "a bunch debt" has been to the new owner Mr. Zhao. Inland Revenue Department yesterday Days remind consumers to buy used cars in the process of transfer, be sure to ask for the original owner prior years related to vehicle and vessel tax clearance certificates in order to avoid "vicarious." "There is part of the transfer of the vehicle hands of taxpayers to know Continued inspection of travel does not pay tax situation, so I deliberately tax evasion, the tax passed on many years of outstanding second -hand car buyers. "Tax the Inland Revenue Department staff told the city used cars in China. It is understood that fails to Pay the travel tax in addition to back taxes, but also the number of days overdue according to the proportion of daily and paid all fines five ten thousandths. So far this year, 276 car owners have to pay a vehicle use the Inland Revenue Department Tax 56600 Yuan, late fees, 1 million yuan, of which a considerable portion of the second-hand car owners. Inland Revenue Department for this proposed increase in vehicle ownership links looks for proof of a travel tax-related pay in order to avoid payment of travel tax should not investigate those who travel drilling transfer tax loopholes, damage the interests of owners buying second- hand. Used Cars If you tell the buyer the original owner has to pay tax, but can not provide proof of travel related tax payment, buyers can ask to hold with the travel of the original owner to any of the Inland Revenue Department by check car tax to pay travel tax Satisfied that information. "In addition to some malicious travel tax arrears, the owner may unintentionally delayed payment of travel tax." According to the Inland Revenue Department staff, and some dealers who promise to purchase new train service, car mistakenly That included a travel tax; Some taxpayers believe that the travel tax levy of each year in January to March, so the sign after the period of April-December to buy a new car, but the original owners did not pay taxes. In addition, since private cars and buses have their own Separate collection and information system, so when the bus transfer into the private car, the system displays the travel tax of previous years tax payable to zero, and thus need to transfer from private car buyers pay payable from the date of travel tax. Inland Revenue Department also cautioned that the travel tax before the introduction of new standards is not required to pay travel with previous years (license) tax payers, do not go to banks to pay, should make use of travel approaching local tax (license) Window tax levy for tax procedures.
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