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2000 Feng Tianjia are beautiful
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Car category: Car
· car brand: Foreign brand- - Feng Tian- - 0
· primary vehicle buys price: 0 yuan
· offers car price: The face is discussed
· car color:
Utility of · primary vehicle:
Date of the card on · : 2000
Seating: Travel distance:
Oily bad news of a hunderd li: Engine form:
The car discharges an amount: 2.2 litres trade area: Guangxi
Plate change the name of owner in a register: Can
Car condition describes:
Make over 2000 tops distribute the card Camry photo of 2.2 primary vehicles double electric chair is electrified heat black is automatic a 4 gasbag scuttle is four-wheel dish Buddhist templeput on the brakes backs a car radar function is all ready! 110 thousand kilometer does not have exercise any collision engine / wave box exceeds beautiful high speed 100 kilometers inside 8 litres of city maintain 10 litres first-rate! Cost of maintain a road is sure to the end of December procedures of large in September trade. Whole nation of card of the North sea can turn door carry file! The car is in Nanning. Price range is discussed


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