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This cropland car
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Car category: Car
· car brand: Foreign brand- - this cropland
· primary vehicle buys price: 0 yuan
· offers car price: Twenty-nine thousand five hundred yuan
· car color:
Utility of · primary vehicle:
Date of the card on · : 1993
Seating: Travel distance:
Oily bad news of a hunderd li: Engine form:
The car discharges an amount: Trade area: Guangxi- - Guilin city
Plate change the name of owner in a register: Can
Car condition describes:
Transfer this cropland car, go up 93 years door / formalities is all ready / the yearly check arrives in December, insurance arrives 9 years / cost of annual maintain a road, former outfit Japan imports a car. Such car opportunity is rare, car condition does not have any problems. My this car did not discard as useless period. Than the taxi a lot of. A price 29500 yuan / / blame city not faze, controlled connection at 10 o'clock. The car is in 5 lis of inn

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