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Power records falls 3000 ~ are lifted 4000 yuan drive city price war
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June " the summer sends bright " power annals depreciates 3000 yuan later, on November 20, guangzhou car is exhibited kick off formally that day, tianjin one steam is exhibited in Guangzhou car go up to announce to undertake adjustment to power mark value again, since this day, 3 compartment power annals depreciates 4000 yuan, annals of both sides power depreciates 3000 yuan, after depreciating, power annals car fastens the price to play detective by 60 thousand yuan of original interval to 50 thousand multivariate interval, start shooting of great war of price of the end of the year of domestic car city " the first gun " .

   Xin Weizhi drops defeat 60 thousand yuan to close greatly

Power annals and Feng Tianwei gallop together, congeneric Feng Tian is famous in the product on NBC platform of the whole world, its superior performance is depended on since appearing on the market, enough person energy of life was accumulated in home, also built good public praise, make market of domestic economy car get army product, after this second price is adjusted, price of model of power sign main strength of an army enters 50 thousand multivariate market interval by 60 thousand yuan of original above, bring enormous pressure to market of domestic economy car. Dang Ren of assistant of general manager of company of one steam sale is in Tianjin express on the news briefing: Benciwei of annals " user yielding benefit " the action is Tianjin only one steam is about to lift " power annals popularizes storm " the first bow wave, next, one steam still will lift Tianjin district development operation and commodity aggrandizement and model abound the action, pound economy car market in the round.

  Price war of the end of the year shifts to an earlier date start shooting

One steam announces Tianjin suddenly between Guangzhou car exhibition period to finish brunt model to the banner one's style of work as well as one's moral quality of power mark value is whole, and depreciate extent achieves 8 % left and right sides, what also lifted price war of the end of the year of domestic car city ahead of schedule is prelusive, as power annals depreciate, already avoided hard to the price war of the end of the year of market of the domestic economy with sensitive price car all along.

Annual the end of the year, all be the fastigium of price war of domestic car city, manufacturer, agency on one hand the task to finish annual, the new car that also is the coming year on the other hand changes a paragraph to clear old car inventory, can have mixed price war in the end of the year normally, be in Tianjin one steam before power annals depreciates this, between the agency on the market yield benefit already undercurrent emerges move, in this second Tianjin one steam depreciates formally later, believe the manufacturer that can't restrain also will join battle group in succession, the car city price war of the end of the year be about to large-scale start shooting, and to consumer, the gold that also will enter annual car to consume period.
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