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China general maritime space low of 3 compartment 1.3L appears on the market pri
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Car of Shanghai China general was in Beijing with 48888 yuan shock value on May 18 field go ahead of the rest rolls out maritime space 3 compartment 1.3L, subsequently each district will appear on the market in succession. So far, the price new record that Shanghai China general created Chinese family car again -- maritime space 3 compartment 1.3L is current Chinese wheelbase 2.5 meters of above, the car of 3 compartment family of lowest of the price in having Europe to fasten chassis technology model at the same time.

Compare with photograph of the car that be the same as class, 3 compartment 1.3L has sea area automobile body, wheelbase is the longest, the very preponderance with interior capacious space, the wind that the price of economy car has intermediate car model become sea area horizontal stroke of 3 compartment 1.3L is born for nothing most ictus.

The car of the wheelbase of 2540mm, 4435mm is long build exceed large space

All the time since, the space is consumer greatly a to domestic car the mainest demand, after the car grows to be decided, the factor with decide to take a space the mainest is wheelbase, the fore-and-aft space of the member that long wheelbase makes multiply increases, this can widen car takes space and crural ministry space, rise take comfortable sex. 3 side car grows sea area for 4435mm, car wide 1710mm, the car is 1430mm high, wheelbase is 2540mm. Be as long as the wheelbase of 2540mm brought up maritime space the wind that 3 compartment send intermediate car model, no matter be automobile body length or wheelbase, molopolize in the model of same level in the market boil a head.

Regard car of Shanghai China general as car of the first 3 side advocate make a brand, 3 compartment Pu rolls out maritime space, obtained intense echo namely, in the market it is maintaining an elementary course for long with atmospheric exterior modelling, exceedingly good specifications the lead position in intermediate car. If say outstanding automobile body is designed,just succeeded to domestic car half, so exceed the consumer place that large space is a few deal with concrete matters relating to work more to value.

European technology brings up tall sex price to compare

On technical origin, the European batholith technology that 3 compartment have sea area is his to be made the same score in intense competitive environment increased a few minutes of odds.

Chassis regards a decision as a car the main factor of advanced degree and function index, its technology level and technical origin reach decisive crucial action since undoubted amid. And maritime space the batholith of 3 compartment, it is to result from technology of Europe's advanced and mature batholith of car of mainstream class A, front-wheel drive uses classical Maifuxun type independence suspension, the independent suspension of the shock absorber after rear wheel uses fore-and-aft move about arm to take and transverse and stable lever, offerred very tall comfortable sex, its rear wheel is followed use a system, the stability under transport condition that improved a car greatly and turn to maneuverability.
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