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East wind Yue is amounted to case inferior whole vehicle department is favourabl
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Shortly of put into production of the 2nd factory is produced can promote cost to reduce

Recently, east wind Yue amounts to case inferior announce formally external: As a result of shortly of put into production of the 2nd factory, produce can promote cost to reduce, since May 18, 2007, to subordinate whole set 24 4 products, models adopt comprehensive privilege to depreciate act, the biggest adjust extent to amount to 32 thousand yuan. From newest in light of the price case that announce, the model that this the price adjusts has RIO of Yuan Jian, Jia Huahe to wait. It is reported, this is east wind Yue amount to case inferior be opposite first whole set model undertakes comprehensive privilege depreciates. (after particular value adjusts a watch to add)

Distant ship He Jiahua serves as case inferior the world-class model of become famous international, by right of all ready product configuration, comfortable take experience, substantial price, already became east wind Yue to amount to case inferior the fresh troops of advanced car market in home of go on an expedition. Compare celebrated Yuan Jian with tall sex price all along, new fund increased a lot of human nature, practical configuration again, pass this price to adjust, yuan Jian's price is top reduce 32 thousand yuan, fall panel height is amounted to 16% , such fall greatly, will highlight its sex price to compare a dominant position further, become the new surveyor's pole that price of advanced car sex compares in home.

Meanwhile, fine China also with of 9.2% highest fall, come the explore below price one hundred and ninety-five thousand eight hundred yuan, enter 200 thousand yuan of interval first, the customer that invites more to love it can achieve what one wishes. Fine China roll out oneself brand-new after 2.7L model, adjust while the platoon is measured, made sure pair of character, dynamic asks, can says " gold discharges an amount " MPV, add those who finish the United States inside the richest in the cabin design, car that be the same as class deploy, obtain the characteristic such as attestation of safety of class of American NCAP5 star 5 years continuously, new fund appears on the market one year to already obtained extensive market self-identity.

Current, economy car market is country increases the fastest, competition the fractionize market with the most intense also, most sensitive also price. This privilege depreciates in the model, still east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior RIO of the high-end economy that rolled out this year in January car, its are highest and favourable extent amounts to 6000 yuan. As brand-new economy car, depend on its oneself model content of new, technology is advanced and outstanding characteristic, course of study already became a powerful force of economy car market.

In this privilege depreciates in the action, all the time since the privilege that there also is different rate in the Sailatu of sell like hot cakes of intermediate car market. Since Sailatu appears on the market oneself, move comprehensive and safe and the appearance of feeling, powerful motive force, comfortable interior space, rich human nature to change configuration by right of fashion, the height that gained Chinese car city is approbated, be known as " super- new 3 appearance " get military vehicle model, already had the honor to win early or late 60 multinomial large award. Especially 6 years on August 28, after 07 Sailatu that provide CVVT engine appear on the market, in the product original fashion sex, comfortable sex, security, hold the base that controls a gender to go up, came true motivation and energy-saving brand-new surmount, sale outstanding achievement all the way violent wind rises, more achieved only month to sell 10, 221 beautiful accomplishment.
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