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Snow Buddha Lan Lefeng, Le Cheng is to depreciate completely highest privilege i
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New Year beginning, shanghai is general announce whole set of Le Feng of pair of Xue Folan LOVA and AVEO Le Cheng undertakes the price is adjusted, the range that move price is top amount to 9900 yuan, lowest 5000 yuan, fall amount to 6%-10% . Shanghai general motors expresses: The new price of snow Buddha Lan Lefeng and Le Cheng is rolled out in New Year, it is Xue Folan promotes a product the competitive advantage in mainstream fractionize market, the active and active market that comply with market trends trend and takes acts, also be Shanghai general motors " it is with the market oriented, it is a center with the client " , provide the performance of Wu of kimono of higher value product for broad consumer.

Snow Buddha Lan Lefeng / Le Cheng falls nearly 10 thousand yuan (graph)

According to newest data statistic, total 2006 sales volume locks up Shanghai general motors finally calm 413, 367, wholesale and retail the outstanding achievement that all exceeds 400 thousand is indicating home multiplies the manufacturer that use a car year on sales volume dimensions a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. The strategic deploy through nearly two years and market experience are experienced, xue Folan is made in the brand and mature with each passing day on product position, become Shanghai general motors already " much brand, whole set " the point sending force with the mainest strategy. Xue Folan brand enters Chinese market to already was close to to sales volume of two years of accumulative total 190 thousand, an infrequent development speed appears in intense market competition. And Le Feng of Xue Folan LOVA is to depend on the space that rivals intermediate car more, the exterior of young vogue and delicate interior trim are designed, become the most welcome in one of high-grade cars.
On this foundation, shanghai general motors is in New Year left 2007 bureau during tall v is attacked, adjust the product value of Le Feng of Xue Folan LOVA and AVEO Le Cheng considerably, permeate those who increase pair of small-sized car markets strength undoubtedly. The personage inside course of study expresses: Car market is growth the fastest, the price is the most sensitive, competition also is the most intense fractionize market, the price of mainstream brand and brunt product is fluctuant pay close attention to extensively and answer what will naturally cause the market, and of final profit still is consumer. "One branch break out and know spring " , shanghai general motors has stepped produce and sale leisurely 400 thousand milepost during, more leave newly in New Year bureau, for snow Buddha orchid brand set out 2007 quicken infuse powerful motive force.

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