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Many new car bangs city depreciates thick and fast sales promotion sound as one
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Arrive again year old of end the beginning of the year. As new year's day the arrival of New Year, lively car city of a year continues to performing good play: Many new car bangs thick and fast city, depreciate sales promotion sound as one falls.

On December 23, elegant cabinet of two 07 new cars mix this Guangzhou cropland Odyssey takes the lead in appearing on the market. Among them 07 elegant cabinet choose 6 models in all, the price differs to two hundred and ninety-nine thousand eight hundred yuan from one hundred and ninety-nine thousand eight hundred yuan; And 07 Odyssey share 4 model, the price differs to two hundred and seventy-four thousand eight hundred yuan from two hundred and twenty-eight thousand eight hundred yuan. Be in Guangzhou after this cropland rolls out new fund model a few days, the Chang'an bell wood that goes up to already appeared is exhibited early in Beijing car " day words SX4 " appear on the market formally eventually, begin to sell from January 1, 2007... meantime, still often can hear A of maritime space B, Hai Xun, case inferior the model such as RIO is about to be after new year's day the message that appear on the market.

New car appears on the market in succession was to take a fancy to New Year admittedly this flourishing is sold period. And those who bring up flourishing to sell is very big a reason depends on look forward to of car business vehicle people of exert depreciate a magic weapon.

Before dividing this auspicious He Jirui outside waiting to yield benefit a few times, tianjin one steam is cast from December 21 piece " fierce makings " , 6 models reduce series of Xiali A 1.0 the price, among them both sides car falls it is 2000 yuan, 3 side car falls 3000 yuan. The Biyadi that appears on the market more than one year to did not depreciate F3 also was unable to bear or endure alluring, since December 17, as Biyadi F3 " double section double flourishing " what sale acts is comprehensive spread out, price of F3 series model reduces Biyadi considerably, the person that buy a car is attainable the material benefit that 3000 ― differ 10000 yuan. Was used to " with Jing Weimei " entrance car this also ward off blows hard depreciate spring tide, on December 19, shanghai general motors announces to Kaidilake CTS undertakes the price is adjusted, luxurious model CTS2.8L and elite CTS2.8L is adjusted respectively to 408 thousand reach 358 thousand yuan, fall it is respectively 20 thousand and 40 thousand...

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