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07 elegant cabinet appear on the market privilege of inn of 4S of insufficient h
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On December 22, 2006, this Guangzhou cropland released two year new car -- 07 elegant cabinet and 07 Odyssey, announced the price of these two new cars. However, the new student of this cropland of these two Guangzhou not was born as theirs and broke away from depreciate wet, afterwards 07 Odyssey do not appear on the market to depreciate namely 14 thousand yuan hind, recently, 07 elegant cabinet already also achieved 15 thousand yuan in the highest and favourable amount of Beijing area. It is the value that we know inside Beijing 4S inn below:

07 elegant cabinet depreciate (graph)

Note: Price is comfortable edition of two hundred and thirty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan elegant cabinet 2.4AT to be sold in southern market only, it is with Beijing field in northern region exemple, sells corresponding model is reached for seat outside rearview mirror belt heats 2.4AT comfortable edition of the function (report heats edition) .

"07 elegant cabinet fastened a model to increase to back a car completely radar, added dynamoelectric scuttle newly on 2.0L comfortable edition at the same time, shade of the sunshade after all products of 2.4L above model all raised one key pattern and intelligent car hold blue tooth system " , this is the description after this Guangzhou cropland upgrades to model of 07 elegant cabinet. In fact, these are so called " new " configuration can be in the predecessor model of 07 elegant cabinet -- find on edition of set limit to of 06 elegant cabinet, and the elegant cabinet of edition of this set limit to now is to become more be about to buy 2.0L model customer people the sweet pastry in the heart.

07 elegant cabinet depreciate (graph)

To the whole department model of 07 elegant cabinet, it is right that this model upgrades to be inferior to saying of model of 2.0L of edition of 06 set limit to decrease match. Appear on 2.0L model body originally " dynamoelectric hind sunshade shade " with " Che Zaila tooth " sign did not see in 3 version in model of 2.0L of 07 elegant cabinet, withheld former some of edition of set limit to only " back a car radar " , and this one device made 07 elegant cabinet " add configuration newly " . If want what must find out 07 elegant cabinet after upgrading this " window " if, only place of 2.0L comfortable edition adds the dynamoelectric scuttle of outfit. is this 2.0L that increased configuration truly comfortable edition, photograph of his this favourable extent is the smallest the other version of more elegant cabinet.

Face the car market that warms up increasingly and numerous competitor, elegant cabinet must strive for more consumer with higher preferential price standard. The elegant cabinet after upgrading besides should face the competitor with the numerous now actual strength on the market, the new model that still each big firm the coming year is about to appear on the market and day change a paragraph more to upgrade increasingly car. I wish elegant cabinet evergreen tree of this car altar, can endure the competitive onrush with intense with each passing day market, brave the wind and waves.
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