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Triumphant range of wholer department privilege is top amount to 20 thousand sal
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Recently, general fastened a gram to adjust a banner to fall triumphant the configuration that jumps over caravan: Right comfortable model the hand is moved reach block a car automatically to add match scuttle, at the same time valence moves 2000 yuan on case. Restrain 4S agency through enquiring the part is fastened, we are informed: Stock of model of old now money is relatively enough, because new fund model just is rolled out, supply without merchandise on hand temporarily at present so.

One: Triumphant the train that jump over a department all privilege, caravan is highest and favourable 20 thousand yuan

Triumphant the time that jumps over caravan to roll out is not long, market acknowledge spends respect nature to do not have 3 compartment triumphant jump over and HRV is tall, but its price is fluctuant however immediately afterwards before two pace. The price that carries city of the car on the net is monitored, we discover: Triumphant jump over caravan to be in highest privilege to had been close to 20 thousand yuan in 2 class agency (must do one continuous line to serve) , at the same time whole triumphant the favourable range that exceeds series model is taller also. It is a part below triumphant the agency quoted price that exceeds a model:

2: Car price all the way consumer attention spends be expected to fall to lift instead

Although the price falls again, but it is our discovery with caravan: Consumer is spent to its attention rising ceaselessly however. It is consumer is opposite below triumphant the consumption that exceeds caravan pays close attention to degree, and triumphant jump over price of caravan near future to go situation:

Regard sales promotion as in order to depreciate the method, do not fit every kinds of product apparently. But from pursue through going up we discover: Triumphant every lower the price that exceeds caravan, can attract more eyeball, look depreciate to had been become general the potion fine medicine that does not overcome. And depreciating stimulation to consumer buy intention, was to have not little effect more.

3: Action is promoted to sales volume after price fall apparent
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