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New POLO is brought about beautiful 206, golf depreciate in succession
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New POLO has appeared on the market half month, and its fix a price in the market tremendous influence is in these days showed eventually, the agency of the each competition model of new POLO increased favourable scope in succession, what stabilize even the value quite all the time is beautiful the privilege that 206 also have 4000 yuan or so with masses golf. Other model is to depreciate wildly more, day is produced black horse amounted to the privilege that waits for a model to exceed 10 thousand yuan.

As we have learned, when new POLO appears on the market its 1.4 litres basic model the price was in surely 90 thousand multivariate fiducial over, depend on the appeal force that masses brand is in Chinese car city, make many adversary felt the crisis. Be in last week, beijing is contemporary those who announce its are produced is compact model car elegant gentry depreciates especially 8000 yuan, beijing contemporary high level has been aimed at new POLO above all ordered valence to be made to his product adjust; And the price in Beijing field is in snow Buddha Lan Lecheng its are basic inside the 1 week time after new POLO appears on the market model also had dropped to 70 thousand yuan the following, other the highest privilege of each model also is in 7000 yuan of above. Guangzhou Ben Tianfei spends the privilege that has 8000 yuan or so all the time in the market, begin from this week, both sides flies degree also reduce 3000 yuan again, at present the biggest favourable range already reached market of 1.5 litres of manual 12 thousand yuan.

The price after car of one steam masses is fastened in the beginning of the year to adjust compares stability all the time, mix very hard in 4S inn agency office seeks 2 level any privilege. But after POLO changes a paragraph to appear on the market, the nimble of one steam masses of Beijing field is amounted to and golf price begins to become loose somewhat. Among them, nimble amounts to spring to have 4000 yuan privilege, adscititious value 3000 yuan adornment, was equivalent to having 7000 yuan privilege, in the meantime, golf also has 4000 yuan of privilege to 6000 yuan in agency office.

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