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Suffer intermediate car to depreciate influence nimble amounts to highest privil
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Case of market price of the car on the net monitors data to show, the privilege that nimble of area of near future Beijing amounts to is increased somewhat again, among them the hand is moved comfortable move luxurious favourable amount to already expanded to 5000 yuan or so with the hand. Specific what following watches state the price of each model, this price is the lowermost price that manages service of the one continuous line after doing carry out in 2 class agency.

Nimble amounts to those who regard a car as city " old 3 appearance " one of, have larger cent specified number in the market. According to the statistical result of auto industry association, nimble is amounted to exceeded 17 thousand to mix 14 thousand respectively with the only month sales volume June in May, the total sales volume first half of the year already amounted to eighty-two thousand nine hundred. We think, before huge market sales volume will naturally attract more 2 class dealer, will contend for grab this one market, this also is one of matters that make nimble amount to privilege to increase. Of the reason, although nimble is amounted to sales volume is very large, but the supply of manufacturer is very ample also at the same time, more expensive stock also can make agency increase favourable strength. Thirdly, "New 3 appearance " those who wait for intermediate car depreciate, make nimble amounts to the advantage with economic economy to narrow gradually, endanger its price then.

Nimble amounts to the history that is in China to having ten years, by right of it " sturdy, durable " what the advantage won customer is extensive approbate. The sale status that nimble amounts to now is first-rate still, as special as Xiali, Yi Lan, triumphant wait for a model to be called together more best-selling model. Nimble is amounted to can as always the sale momentum that keeps good, besides it quality is good outside, still retain with its bigger market the quantity is concerned. Retain because of its market the volume is high, its maintenance site is very so much, fittings price is relatively cheap also. And the performance that nimble amounts to is steady, once had created " 600 thousand kilometer does not have overhaul " record.

Drop as level of price of intermediate car whole, nimble amounts to depreciating pressure to also should be met bigger and bigger. But sell posture to look from current flourishing, short-term inside manufacturer can unite tone price unlikely, and the privilege that relies on agency only, extent won't have too big change. The consumer that because this near future buys nimble of purpose,amounts to can consider move.
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