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Used cars more and more "younger" of the future transactions will be network pla
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The hot new car market is also extended to the second-hand car market yesterday, the reporter from the city car Business Park used-car market

was informed that the transaction last month, nearly 2,700 used car. However, popular second-hand car transactions are hidden under the

opaque information, transaction disputes, such as shadows and more. China Automobile Dealers Association recently came news across the

country this year to establish a unified industry standard, used-car market access threshold will also be greatly improved. The city used car

network platform for the upcoming show, took second-hand car trading network, will further standardize the market behavior.

Rapid growth of second-hand car trading

Second-hand car market figures released last year, the city used cars 18 522 transactions, turnover reached 8.8 billion, to open the votes

than in 2008 increased by 40%. Clearly the hot new car market used car played a role in promoting trade, Jiaxing Xu Zhiwei deputy manager of

second-hand car market that consumers are changing the concept of second-hand car is a more important factor, "Earlier people used cars for

non-recognition high, that is the old cars used car, but now with the increased market maturity, many people will see it as cost-effective

'means of transport'. "

Second-hand car "younger age" is also trading in the market in recent years a new phenomenon, "the rapid increase in the number of new cars,

used car vehicle age is gradually reduced, as we have been trading in used cars smallest car only one week old . "transactions in the used

car market, cars from the original has become the mainstay of the marginalization of the role, Xu Zhiwei told reporters, before 2005, a

second-hand car market is still dominate vans, cars account for only 37% of the number of transactions, By the year 2006, is beginning to

show the situation of cars and vans to compete, but starting in 2008, trading volume cars to overtake the van, in 2009, trading volume in the

car used cars accounted for 46%.

Internet used car transactions will

Rapid growth in car ownership in the case of second-hand car market has also ushered in the golden period, but Jiaxing existing capacity of

second-hand car market is far unable to meet the market demand, the new second-hand car market will effectively change the state.

It is reported that the market earlier this year to start construction has been completed foundations, into the ground construction, is

expected to end can be put into use. New markets in the automotive business park in the South and the management of motor vehicle inspection

station the northeast, an area of 110 acres, can accommodate more than 120 merchants, so that at least 700 vehicles into the market.

In addition to market size expansion and upgrade and standardize transactions is also a pressing problem. Deceptive, shoddy, false vehicle

configuration, vehicle belittle the value of such phenomena seriously disrupting the order of second-hand car market. China Automobile

Dealers Association recently came from the news that this year will be to establish a unified nationwide industry standard, used-car market

access threshold will also be greatly improved.

In order to further standardize the used car trade, the city will also embark on second-hand car trading network, used car web presence

platform will be put into use new market launch. Then, second-hand car market photos, condition information and the sale price and so will be

published on the Internet to facilitate owner inquiry, while also introducing new market after the completion of assessment of professional

consulting company used car, used car auction institutions.