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New used-car market in October a welcoming
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If you want to buy a used car practiced hand, it is best to go see other in October. Because then the new second-hand car market, not only

have more car options, vehicle ownership, testing, and whether there had been illegal, etc., can also directly check out.

Double expansion into new markets

New used-car market, located in the southeast corner of Park Qimao, planning construction area of 110 acres, and the original garden at the

northeast corner of the old automobile trade market than double the area increase. Yesterday, Jiaxing City Business Park Investment Co., Ltd.

car used car marketing manager Xu Zhiwei, on the upcoming opening of the new markets are described.

Kenneth Tsui, said the new market, a project covering 46 acres, was started last year, plans to be completed in September, October and put

into use. Accommodate the number of vehicles, increased by the 700 900 vehicles.

According to reports, the current use of second-hand car market, river and road space is divided. In the open air venue, waiting for second-

hand car trade is very crowded. The showcase of new markets using the combination of indoor and outdoor, a car, a design, and programs in

place, more standardized display of vehicles. Of which 1,400 square meters of indoor exhibition hall, but also for the more high-end vehicles

shelter sites.

Check before admission "status"

New second-hand car market, including car zone, cart service areas and functions of the three major areas. Admission display of vehicles,

before entering the "identity" verification.

Kenneth Tsui, said: "Admission to the registration and verification, the network system through the completion of the public security

department. Whether there is stealing the vehicle records, whether there had been violations of the law, vehicle ownership and vehicle

inspection of how issues such as direct access through the network system can be out of . "

Vehicle registration and verification of admission "status", there is a benefit: vehicle information will be incorporated into online trading

platform, trading through web presence Dengdai vehicles, so that not only ensure the information is true and reliable vehicles, but also to

attract more buyers.

Buyers and sellers free of cost

Environmental upgrading, the cost will be increased? Xu Zhiwei answer would be to dispel the concerns of second-hand car buyers and sellers:

"second-hand car market is no charge for buyers and sellers, market operating income primarily from rental car companies such intermediary to

pay the cost of venue."

Jiaxing used-car market starting from 2006, from the initial few households now gradually increased to more than 80 households. Used car

transactions every year about 30,000, 30% in the field. Jiaxing small cars in the current more than 300,000, according to new and used car

trade 1:1 ratio calculations, second-hand car market prospect is broad.

Would like to expand the future market

Learn from the successful experiences of neighboring cities, Jiaxing used-car market in addition to the development of new network

construction and a series of work programs, was invited to have a majority of used cars Shanghai Shanghai Brilliance of resources used-car

market, new market for guidance. In the future, Jiaxing, second-hand car market will build a new used car auction, release information

platform, and continue to strengthen cooperation with Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou and other cities used-car market cooperation.

Joint between markets, will build a bigger market. Kenneth Tsui, said the source through car sharing, absorb advanced management experience,

the new second-hand car market will be formed in Jiaxing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, or source of cars there. People of any one place, finding the

right car, since the transaction can be. Formalities, the other can facilitate market.

It is understood that, as the north of Zhejiang's largest used-car market, used-car market in Jiaxing new manager is also planning a more

ambitious future. Jiaxing low business costs, market capacity, transport facilities, when the time comes, the construction manager will be

here, "two out" of the distribution center.