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"Golden nine silver ten" second-hand car trading started coming enterprise in Ji
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"This month has now been sold eight, I believe that market conditions will be warm in September." Yesterday, the reporter Bo Road in the

urban areas, a second-hand car trading store learned that the car has recently come to consult the public to see more and more. Business

Park, according to second-hand car trade car market statistics, the stock of second-hand car park of more than 700 vehicles, reached its

highest value. Industry sources say the summer is relatively low, usually in September to pick up second-hand car trade fair.

Overall flat market this year

"Last year the market is very hot, we can sell 20 cars a month, the first look at the endless stream of cars advice. This year he sent a

little more." Automotive business park, a second-hand car company official told reporters.

"On the one hand, the state launched the car to the countryside, such as subsidies on energy-saving PWM play a catalytic role in new car

sales, on the other hand, repeated this year, playing all new car dealer price card, consumers frequently million in concessions attraction

is very large. "used car business for 10 years through wind sail Brokerage Co., said Li Weimin, these two causes this year, the survival of

the plight of second-hand car dealer.

Although the overall market is a light, but since September, the market has gradually signs of recovery. Reporters from Jiaxing learned

second-hand car market, the current stock of used car business park has reached more than 700 vehicles, hit a record high. So far, September

has sold more than 600 throughout the park a used car.

The city will create a standard second-hand car trading platform

With the second-hand car trading volume rising year by year, the city is currently being upgraded second-hand car market expansion. Jiaxing

Xu Zhiwei deputy manager of second-hand car market, said after the market expansion in the automotive business park in the South and the

management of motor vehicle inspection station the northeast, an area of 110 acres, can accommodate more than 120 businesses, at least 700

vehicles into the City transaction, expected by the end of November will be able to put into use.

Not only expand the space of second-hand car market function is also "upgrade." It is understood that all future vehicles will be registered

into the market integrity of the file, age, status of vehicle inspection and maintenance records and other related information will be

recorded. The market will regulate the order of business operations, strengthen supervision, to do market analysis to create confidence for

buyers and sellers, fair, the Heart of trading platform. The network market will start in the future as long as the mouse, the registered

photos and condition information on used cars available at a glance.