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Secondhand in August car market " valence " go up " measure " drop
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Be in with new car market depreciate with rise in price wander to be compared, value of two handcart market rebounds a bit. In August, beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong saves two handcart market to present rate of exchange giving link to go up more the trend that the volume drops; High-grade car and small platoon measure two handcart to go up to drop more little. Two handcart agency expects generally " Jin Jiuyin 10 " arrival.

According to statistic, in August, two handcart of Shanghai trade the quantity makes an appointment with 17 thousand, annulus comparing drops 16% . Model of sell like hot cakes is Sangdana, Pasate, GL8, Sangdana respectively 2000, triumphant more; Look from price, sang Dana is average price relatively rose July 2000 yuan of above, pasate, GL8 rises 10 thousand yuan of above. In addition, after consumption tax of the old car that discharge an amount is adjusted, 400 thousand yuan of high end that reach above are old price that measure a vehicle rises generally. Current, the main force of two handcart markets of Shanghai to turn book arrives two handcart of the other place.

In August, two handcart add up to of Beijing clinch a deal 18 thousand, annulus comparing drops 10% . Because the market is stagnant, beijing is not little secondhand and intermediate car is forced to depreciate, but car of partial high price and low are secondhand car price picks up: Nimble is amounted to rise 2000 yuan; Series of Ao Di A6 rises 20 thousand differ to 40 thousand yuan.

Be in Guangdong, two handcart clinched a deal in August gross makes an appointment with 20 thousand, annulus comparing drops 13% . According to statistic, elegant cabinet price is stable, rank Guangzhou region two handcart sales volume the first; The economy small car that discharge an amount continues to be chased after by the market hold in both hands, nimble is amounted to, triumphant depreciate more 300 yuan reach 1000 yuan; The minibus of much use of feebleminded bad news suffers the market to welcome quite, golden cup sea lion rises in price about 23% .

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