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Auction of Olympic Games car is opened to booking price is not low
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Last week, olympic Games car deals with to become the heat topic of car city again, include 5 2.0T of 130 Ao Di, Pasate and 800 Yisaitanna to part to undertake in order to auction dealing with with the means that open to booking. Look from auction and the circumstance that open to booking, whether does the customer that buys Olympic Games car have commemorative meaning generally to compare attention to Olympic Games car, meaning of Olympic Games souvenir is an Olympic Games sell price payoff with the car.

● gets drive to auction all price of new car of valence tower above

Last week 3, the boreal steam beauty that just enters two handcart of Beijing to auction the market vasts, olympic Games car was held to auction in the market austral Ma Jiabao's Beijing, first auction has 5 Pasate to lead drive only, auction low is 190 thousand yuan, final sale all valence is achieved. The United States vasts to say about the personage, this the auction is p reaper auction, if the effect is good, will have later group by group the Olympic Games undertakes dealing with through on sale means with the car, the model that deals with possibly has nimble to amount to, fast vacate wait for a model.

Look from crowd of spot on sale, a lot of business affairs utility that participate in on sale consumer to take a fancy to Olympic Games car quite. In the spot, one comes from Guangdong to join an auctioneer to say: "We take a fancy to license plate of Olympic Games PQ namely actually, if can continue to use, go to the airport waiting receive what send a client or have outer part very much. " another consumer says: "Whether can license plate of very difficult affirmatory PQ continue to use at present, if can be used, the price of this batch of cars may be even high. The price of this batch of cars may be even high..

Occupy personage of know the inside story to explain, according to at present PQ license plate whether can continue to use still cannot decide, concerned respect is undertaking feasibility is discussed, but OK and affirmative is, major PQ license plate cannot continue to use, the amount that can use is very small, must undertake strict examination.

2.0T of ● Ao Di auctions instead to open to booking

Be in likewise last week, in Beijing the biggest two handcart market spends countryside the later period that two handcart market also is having Olympic Games car deals with. Originally 2.0T of 888 Ao Di should pass the throughout the country's biggest two handcart sale to undertake auctioning, but because the amount is large, pat article more duplicate, auction instead is opened to booking before.

First acceptance booked Ao Di 2.0T is 130, booked price is 358 thousand yuan, be in the first day when book, received 10 order form, but even if also fails to achieve so sponsor square target.
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