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Travel 3000 kilometer convert into money 20 thousand yuan secondhand Olympic Gam
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The Olympic Games just ended before long, the first batch of Olympic Gameses already entered two handcart markets of Shanghai with the car. Convert into money of this batch of car 20 thousand yuan, get the exceeding welcome of consumer, the sale is less than 10 days of full carry out to use up.

As the end of the Olympic Games, the two handcart market that a batch of car that use during the Olympic Games also begin to flow into Beijing and Shanghai and other places, get of consumer chase after hold in both hands.

First 130 10 days sell

As we have learned, a total of first Olympic Games car that reachs Shanghai 130, car just went to Shanghai fine calm storehouse. According to staff member introduction, arrive from September 1 inside a chapel September 8, advisory phone is amounted to 13 thousand for many times, the person seek advice that has an in part among them expresses to buy intention.

According to introducing, this batch of Olympic Gameses use a car basically is Shanghai popular Si Ke Da Mingrui and road bring these two models. Sale form can take the sale pattern that spot auction, network auction and actual price sell.

Travel 3000 kilometers privilege 20 thousand

It is reported, average travel kilometer counts this batch of car that enter Shanghai sale just 3000 kilometers, and the price of car should coach than manufacturer price petty gain is controlled 20 thousand yuan.

In the meantime, the Olympic Games that sells in Beijing and other places also has with the car welcome. It is reported, on August 17, in market of Ya Yun Cun two handcart area, 3 Olympic Gameses use wind of cup of the GL8 that fasten a gram, gold, luck business affairs car begins to accept a society to book, to on September 1 these cars by consumer scare buying one sky. It is reported, all Olympic Gameses are in with the car the price of two handcart market at least cheap 10% above, and these car already pay purchases duty too. Accordingly, consumer is buying these travel kilometers to count little, use time when the short, car that has maintained, enjoyed very big privilege.

Current Olympic Games uses a car main model has: Ao Di, stride vacate, fast vacate, beetle, brightness vacate, Pasate, road is installed, wind of cup of the Si Ke Da Mingrui, GL8 that fasten a gram, gold, luck, add up to many 7000.

As we have learned, at present the Olympic Games uses the sale target of the car to had been made clear basically, use a car with car and government as agency besides one part besides, other models enter the market to undertake selling entirely. The 2nd batch of Olympic Gameses warm up with the car

Although first Olympic Games of and other places of Shanghai, Beijing uses a car to had been at the beginning of September,be sold one sky, but the enthusiasm of consumer still is not decreased, even the car that somebody wishs to spend high price to buy these having to commemorate a meaning.

On September 10 morning, domain Olympic Games serves the Pasate of license plate of 5 Beijing PQ the car coachs with comparing thirteen thousand two hundred yuan price is in valence tower above Beijing auction. Believe as consumer the attention to Olympic Games car is spent elevatory, still can more Olympic Games enters the market with the car.
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