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"Consumption tax " on tone is secondhand the old car that discharge an amount dr
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Reform again as consumption tax, tax rate arrives with the attune on higher level again new height, the new car sale of the large model that discharge an amount was encountered temporarily " vacuum period " , but can the old car discharging an amount of two handcart market lend this disinter a pail of gold?

The reporter is taking this question, visited Beijing old motor vehicle to trade respectively car of new Ya Yun Cun of the market, Beijing trades market old car trades the market, to these two two handcart that implement scale relatively the market had market research, the difference of result and expect still makes a reporter astonied.

Supply of goods is in short supply influence sales volume

"After duty of the attune on the old car that discharge an amount is expended, the forehead that rise in price spends those who do not have our expect so much, if new fund configures taller BMW X5, say to want go up so 500 thousand, result after September go up actually about 20 much, so secondhand the BMW X5 of the car can go up only 80 thousand, 100 thousand. " Beijing old motor vehicle trades a dealer of the market shows to the reporter, "And, now be in short supply, so sale has not grown apparently. So sale has not grown apparently..

At present big platoon estimates two handcart be in short supply, a lot of models want to wait for 9 months to just the car is carried, so agency also is increasing strength of replenish onr's stock, of whole market secondhand sale of the old car that discharge an amount just is swelled slightly. "The Olympic Games, incomplete of abstruse meeting hold, road is restricted to go carry out wait an element a moment, caused two handcart market off-season. But, after abstruse meeting ends the Olympic Games, incomplete, the car of the work off before measure of large quantities of only even numbers may be answered quit the market, the money end September became much price nature can be affected, so although move duty, but most agency or in wait-and-see condition. But most agency or in wait-and-see condition..

According to coming from Beijing old motor vehicle to trade the data of the market reports, inventory of near future of market of Beijing old car still is put in pressure, but of the Olympic Games be about to end, can let two handcart market return the vehicle of the big batch in collecting user hand.

In the meantime, new car also will have sales promotion activity energetically to finish sale job, although near future price did not drop apparently, but trade to the volume rises and arrive without the influence rise in price.

The dominant position still is occupied after rising in price

Two handcart all along is with price get victory, and go up after moving consumption tax, right secondhand of the practical effect of the old car that discharge an amount or existence. Eliminate a model in short supply outside, secondhand big platoon measured the extent that the car rises in price to also go up accordingly a step.
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