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Medium advanced car devalues 3 years exceed industry of 30% two handcart to be f
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"This car is this year of the card on May 4, mix without reason of hair make trouble other any accidents, how much is your appraisal probably? " recently, live in Dongguan east the soup young lady of the city is in of the reporter accompany below, to Xin Huali of pace of Dongguan small house two handcart market looks for professional personage to evaluate. Bag card was spent May 230 thousand multivariate bought some brand car, the value that assesses as a result has 130 thousand yuan only. 4 months car drops price 100 thousand yuan, new car devalues 40% . Is this how to return a responsibility after all?

Come from formerly today spring since, dongguan car city appeared new car is bad to sell, bring about two handcart price to glide quickly then, clinch a deal the quantity lasts atrophic circumstance. The reporter investigates discovery in many two handcart city, a large number of getting on the card just controls 1 year 2 years even most probably new car, had entered two handcart market. A lot of cars drop price very fierce, be in intermediate car, medium the report on advanced car is most apparent. And a few do only so high-grade and secondhand the car of the car begins to turn to go or hold concurrently all right in doing cheap and secondhand car, new car.

3 years period intermediate, medium advanced car devalues exceed 30%

Reporter from Dongguan two handcart market understands Xin Huali, at present new car price falls so that compare much car, depreciate on two handcart market fiercer also, and these cars also are to devalue the fastest car.

Reporter from Dongguan annals two handcart ministry understands sincere sincere desire, in March 2006 of a luxurious configuration triumphant more, package list price is in at that time 140 thousand multivariate, and the price is controlled for 90 thousand yuan only now. The salesperson expresses, old money triumphant more via annual in the past bottom check inventory greatly, price lowest comes 80 thousand multivariate can buy a new car; After Xin Kai appears on the market more this year, there already was 10 thousand multivariate privilege on the market at present, these are right triumphant the value that exceeds two handcart forms concussion. And drop price fiercer still have this Guangzhou field old money elegant cabinet. Spend 130 thousand ~14 at present 10 thousand yuan can buy a travel the car that controls 3 years. With intermediate car, medium advanced car photograph is compared, economy car devalues inferior. The Biyadi that spends 50 thousand yuan to be able to be bought 3 years or so F3; Spend 70 thousand yuan or so to be able to buy a travel the treasure of 70 thousand kilometer comes. And in luxurious car market, new car is less than 3 years, devalue the model of more than 50% cans be found everywhere. Reporter Cong Yixin is two handcart, new Hua Li is secondhand car market understands, original value controls 1.7 million yuan run quickly car, 3~4 has many yuan 70 only after year, devalue rate more than 60% ; And a few prices are in 400 thousand ~70 10 thousand yuan luxurious car is homebred already those who change devalue the meeting is taller.
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