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"Actor installs beautiful international " garrison this locality is secondhand c
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Will bring brand-new operation mode and human nature to change serve

Recently, the two handcart with famous whole world manage chain brand -- , " actor brings American time " Dongguan of formal declaration settle. It is reported, 2007, actor installed the United States to have comprehensive collaboration with respect to the Autoscout below as telegraphic as Germany banner, introduced international famous and secondhand the administrative concept with car brand advanced company and technology. Dongguan actor installs the United States nowadays is shirt-sleeve more native land management group, the standard that through major the brand-new operation mode of inn of two handcart purchase and sale and human nature change serves, the two handcart market of Dongguan of hope race to control.

Sincere letter problem restricts two handcart market to develop

"We come a few survey had been made through the website before Dongguan, the two handcart with scattered Dongguan trade the dot is quite much, they do not have the management of the brand mostly, and their main purpose just facilitates merely trade, to consumer, without certain safeguard. " the Gong Lian of general manager Tan that actor brings two wheelbarrow of United States tells a reporter, the biggest question that two handcart market grows, it is sincere letter crisis actually. The two handcart enterprise of foreign capital enters country, of support is brand force is mixed the sincere letter that run. Sincere letter 9 enterprises can not change this problem.

"Most now two handcart trade center, sell the neither one is authoritative orgnaization before dispatch a vehicle attestation, and sell corresponding after service was not provided after going out, come so, do not talk to go up at all what sincere letter, this is to bring about Dongguan two handcart trade the mainest reason that lacks sincere letter. A lot of small companies are not willing to spend financial capacity of manpower material resources to be on the attestation of orgnaization of tripartite attestation, it is to be able to be avoided commonly avoid. Calculate a few big companies that have dimensions quite, also feel to do this attestation to be used without what, consequently oversight. Consequently oversight..

Tan Gonglian tells a reporter, multilateral home is made in abroad, two handcart trade the market is very mature, attestation orgnaization can press a country ask compulsively to carry out commonly. Come so, the two hand car gift that pass attestation only in the market current trade. And be in our country, the development of two handcart should accomplish this one step, still need to pass a paragraph of very long time.

Two handcart also can be pressed " 4S inn " mode is managed

In our country quantity of new car produce and sale is next to the United States, jump nice topological features of house world second interest, the car retains increase of the quantity ceaselessly, make home secondhand gush type develops Che Chengjing, its increase rate already surmounted new car several years continuously. Blend in our life better as car more, rational consumption will make increasing person adds the big channel with two current handcart. Be in probably before long in the future, the person that does not catch a cold originally to two handcart also is met old consciousness of slam the door, buy price of a sex to compare extremely tall two hand car to make his life becomes more perfect.
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