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Only even numbers is restricted to go measure has not end two handcart city to t
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"From August the bottom arrives in this at present closest a week, the market is secondhand the car trades the quantity supports to go up August one of whole month trade quantity. " car of Beijing Ya Yun Cun trades the minister of Zhang Yu fine of battalion headquarters of two handcart classics tells the market the reporter, begin from July, the personages inside course of study are secondhand to this city the circumstance of supply and demand September has car market early anticipation, arrive by August so in September the first ten days of a month, this city two handcart market trades to already shifted to an earlier date " have a fever " .

What the Mr Wang as it happens that amounts to a car catchs up with this to shift to an earlier date want this month to sell his old victory first " high fever " , hesitated 9 days to move only, the price by depress 5000 yuan. "Although still do not have the highest peak that buys two handcart at present, but agency people won't be goofy of course, so old now car already did not sell the value with go out too good. " Beijing old motor vehicle trades the bud of king of market chief inspector of the market expresses.

Two big supply of goods will be brought about beg for be more than

Analysis of minister of Zhang Yu fine says, although secondhand this month car general " sell those who buy is much, much also " , but beg be affirmation for be more than, in August two of the last ten-day of a month weekend, this trend is very clear already, prep above of number stopping a car at ordinary times 50% break up even time. "Supply of goods at a draught much, it is the Olympic Games enters the market with the car, how do this kind of two handcart also have thousands of; 2 it is social car, be restricted to go because of only even numbers measure, the car that wants to sell a car before the Olympic Games originally advocate preparation moved nowadays, after pushing transfer the first pace in the plan sells old car namely, the family that the high speed before the Olympic Games grows the 2nd car, the two handcart market of 4 months after also be provided huge car source. The two handcart market of 4 months after also be provided huge car source..

On the other hand, also begin the people that buys two handcart unlimber, "Two handcart sale can be compared certainly in September hot in August, but private the amount that buys two handcart or the amount that buy two handcart than crossing agency. " according to forecasting, the bottom arrived in September after November, this city is secondhand the buying and selling of the car trades will reach peak, "This will be erupt greatly. " minister of Zhang Yu fine has hope very much to this.

Lunar base sells a car to have a deficit at least 4000

"Especially by September later, money will be very much, this is everybody knows abdomen early with respect to the heart bright, when car is being bought since August so, we are about to consider, to the meeting when selling the value is inferior, shift to an earlier date the demand a low price is inevitable. We must the price that depress buys two handcart still has a reason, although in incomplete the meeting after abstruse meeting grows somewhat,be, but the buyer crowd of two handcart compares stability relatively, and two handcart buyer is opposite much the price is compared sensitive, we cannot sell a high price. " Beijing old motor vehicle trades an agency of the market tells a reporter, with private 5 years when offer a common condition secondhand nimble is amounted to for exemple, the end of this month sells want 4000 yuan or so to have a deficit at least than selling at the beginning of this month.
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