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"Hand in hearing of witnesses of strong danger insurance cost to apply for " han
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Resounding temporarily " hand in hearing of witnesses of strong danger insurance cost to apply for " had formal operation eventually, liu Jiahui of office of Beijing Derun's attorney confirmed to morning paper yesterday, already submitted this application to the meeting that keep watch. On the press conference yesterday, distinguished economist Yi Xianrong expresses, hand in strong danger crucial point to depended on administrative regulation and commercial act union arriving one case.

Is car of home of 6 the following illicit annual 1050 yuan insurance cost whether too tall? This answering " be filled with not deficient " a ready source of money that whether makes strong danger had become insurance company? Liu Jiahui expresses to this, they had collected 157 cars advocate accredit opinion, the car that among them still one comes from Shanghai advocate, the hope protects inspect to be able to be held " pay strong danger insurance cost " hearing.

On the press conference yesterday, expert mostly insurance cost of strong to handing in danger has approval hearing of witnesses. Distinguished economist Yi Xianrong thinks, make strong narrow pass most the commercial action that the regulation that the problem of core is an administrative sex and system follow insurance company two things are compound together. On one hand it passes administrative law law, requirement car advocate each person must pay fee according to their regulation how many; On the other hand, these hand in cost and compensate to pay charge is commerce to run. When administrative provision and commercial regulation are united in wedlock together, the most advantageous is insurance company, of least benefit is consumer, because pay fee,be mandatory. Assume appeared really relevant thing, no matter be occurrence problem of a third party or insurant, such insurance cost is not too big to their action.

University of Chinese politics and law teachs Liu Shen to express, according to " law of road safety liaison man " the 17th regulation, the State Council is made hand in strong risk rules, do not answer accredit protects inspect to be able to make premium rate.

In disappear assist Chairman Chen Jian also represented department of legal theory research yesterday, make strong narrow pass not only it is commercial insurance, the part that still has social security is inside. She suggests, the orgnaization that can consider to appoint blame profitability will run this business. The process of hearing of witnesses also should be made public, transparent, whole process should of park media and broad society member supervise under.