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Small platoon measures Xin Zhenghui and own brand
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Of the small car that discharge an amount gain ground in domestic it may be said be " all the way rough " . Enter 2006, its destiny produced a change stealthily. The small platoon such as Shanghai measures zone of car city small blown away by wind, the small car that discharge an amount began to have not the expression of common.

A few days ago, auspicious announce external, go oneself since annual bottom, suffer " be restricted small " the influence of standard of Ⅲ of executive country of lift a ban and Beijing, the market behaves sales volume of good always actor benefit Europe to jump, its are odd this year in January lunar sales volume already leap up rises reach 7177, among them the sweet edition performance that 1.0L platoon measures is most excellent. The market is being estimated in small is not all the time very and other places of valued Shanghai, Zhejiang, auspicious market performance also had clear improvement. Be in Zhejiang, series sells auspicious lofty sentiments than going up the month grows nearly 50% , sale of beauty leopard series also is compared on the month grows 40% . Be in Shanghai, auspicious the sales volume January was last year 3 times of the corresponding period, its are Sino-US day series was last year nearly 5 times of the corresponding period.

The small car that discharge an amount is had resource conservation, small to environmental pollution, can improve the dominant position such as the environmental space with limited city, be extremely red already on the international market temporarily, already made the vogue of a kind of consumption and trend even. China is small quantity is however all the way harships of classics of rough, all previous. Of partial city " be restricted small " policy also gives auspicious wait for what small platoon measures a car to popularize the difficulty with be brought certain.

As the country six ministries and commissions combine dispatch, deadline clears set about restricted of the small car that discharge an amount, small-sized car appears piece " promising another village " satisfactory picture, "Be restricted small " lift a ban provided vaster development space to ethical car undoubtedly, also be auspicious wait for a car the development of own brand expands provided valuable time. Concerned expert expresses, "Be restricted small " lift a ban is helpful for encouraging business of more mainstream car to enter economy car town, roll out the small platoon with better more to measure a model. In the meantime, the small car discharging an amount of own brand sells prices will better.