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New car consumption tax left in April ask for the large model that discharge an
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Manufacturer of relevant recently car discloses, they already got inside information, our country will implement new consumption tax on April 1 this year. Anew the condition that consumption tax seeks the report in opinion draft looks, tax rate change is the biggest is the large model that discharge an amount, and SUV and cross-country car are belonged to in the large model that discharge an amount be the first to be affected. Be in as a result of most SUV and quantity of cross-country car platoon 2.4 above, accordingly, new consumption tax will bring 2% ~ to cost of model of this one domain the growth of 15% .

   SUV car price rises because of tax cost

As we have learned, the platoon measures the model in 2.2 litres of above, new consumption tax leaves after asking for, tax rate is potential by 5% increase 9% or 14% or 20% differ. With east wind hand of this 2.4L of money of cropland CR-V 05 moves archives to be exemple, its price is two hundred and thirty-seven thousand eight hundred yuan, after consumption tax rises, cost should raise 9512 yuan at least (above moves 9% computation) , the total cost of the car rises 2% ~ 15% , this not tall to original price SUV has to say is serious blow. Enterprise interior is digested hard, very possible meeting is added in car price. SUV price will be climbed tall.

Chief expresses east wind related this cropland, at present the profit margin of automobile industry already very low, because oil price rises, the sale last year grows SUV enterprise to had put delay, addition this part tax rate attributes the tax inside valence, should have digestive place -- or rises in price, or enterprise interior is digested.

Tong Zhiyuan of Beijing jeep vice-president (sina car notes: Beijing jeep shows more the name runs quickly for Beijing, Daimule Kelaisile car limited company, abbreviation Beijing runs quickly. Tong Zhiyuan currently holds the post ofBeijing to run quickly senior executive vice president) also express, tax rate increases make the cost of the car raises, a lot of cheap car gain are very small had borne not to rise, the company won't be interior digest, also be not digested, can add in car price only.

   SUV manufacturer reduces a sale to anticipate

Li Anfan of modern general manager expresses Hua Tai, trying to restrict a car to consume artificially through revenue measure is unwise. The oily bad news of the car discharges a quantity to concern with engine not only, still have close tie with the weight of the car, function, utility, accordingly, be equal SUV and car unreasonable also. Encourage progress is little give no cause for more criticism that measure a vehicle, but oversight of new consumption tax the functional difference of different and phyletic car, ignored the diversity of demand. The birth of a kind of model has the function that other model cannot supersede for certain.

Well-known, SUV experienced rainstorm of a flurry last year, the sales volume of SUV anticipates generally under manufacturer, since last year, finished product oil reachs rolled steel,
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