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Aggravate of car city competition, the cake of two handcart produces intermediar
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Chinese car city, so far basic it is the content on new car foundation. But the development that consumes development as the car, the thing of regularity will be ceaseless infuse among them. Two handcart, with car finance pack, the manufacturing business of a lot of brands has inspected delay to delay ground is entered and try in the tiger, but on alive bound, be in China especially, give priority to the brand agency of body with 4S, using fund / geographical advantage shares a cup of a thick soup while, obtain impossibly similar new car sale and maintain so wonderful cake. Unless, the resource of really can sufficient maintenance does bit of business for consumer truly.

Completely not correct, but resemble house property a bit. Developing what business plays is new money, do not brush the buttock commonly (establish system of a property additionally to dog at most) , with at every turn about a hundred of 100 million compare with great quantity, the market of sticky apparently do not say ignored, can want to take seriously it is not easy to rise. Of a large number of major in cent of intermediary of young house property is being fed secondhand house property market.
Of course, house property intermediary and secondhand car, there is no lack of internationally old brand. Nevertheless, be in China, besides old policy tilt, the travel notes army of those small spadger, always can find oneself outlet and the way to deal with a situation.

Very simple case, the country trades two handcart cost is pulled low, the customer that many preparation sell a car is glad. Can think carefully, what do you have worth while and glad? Sell to 4S inn? Chop you first 20 thousand, return flicker to wear you continue the product of the same brand that average preparation displacement drops, trade the trifling below the province on charge 89, what to consider substantial?
From the experience selling a car of my individual, I discover the result stand or fall of two handcart buying and selling, often differ above of 10 thousand balance, and the problem that payment for goods obtains seasonable sex (window of my 2 hours of immanent banks after attributing oral decision takes total ready money) , still have in the future a lot of problem of form a complete set of Wu of 2 weeks of to be taken orally.
Sincere letter, speed, manner, the price is waited a moment, it is crucial.

I do not value the service perspective of current and famous big distributors and brand 4S, horse of just as Wo Er and 7-ELEVEN, the old of 2 different trade pattern (big supermarket and 24 hours of convenience inn) , any pattern cannot be old and complete, the cake that people can have, you may not eat.