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The expert is directive: Plant nearly program of compensate of choice, manage, c
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Problem one: If insurance company cannot inform in time after out-of-the-way place be or get out of danger, how should do?

Insurance company sets to report a case to the security authorities inside 48 hours, if cannot reach times record, had better withhold spot testimony in time.

Problem 2: If tripartite personnel is involved to get hurt in traffic accident, whether can insurance representative company do sth for sb manage compensate.

When personnel of tripartite of pass an imperial examination of experience of car be or get out of danger gets hurt, involve appraisal of responsibility of traffic accident accident, and get hurt the appraisal process that the compensate of personnel pays amount is quite complex, so insurance acts as agent company cannot whole journey generation deals with compensate, can provide necessary assistance only, person of be or get out of danger must whole journey participates in trouble removal.

Problem 3: Car be in danger, if do not involve person injury, by what program should be handled so?

Measure 1: Find out the insurance card that carries, go up by insurance card report a case to the security authorities the phone reports a case to the security authorities to insurance company, if have road damage (content caustic) or person injury, or when more serious car damages, or car danger double car or much car accident, should sign up for a policeman, otherwise insurance company is likely rejecting claims.

Measure 2: After car be in danger reports a case to the security authorities, the member that insurance company receives the client that case personnel can tell to whether need to decide caustic gives the spot, if need to give the spot, cannot destroy the spot and do sth without authorization to carry away the car; Certain and special situation, car advocate in ask for so that insurance company agrees, hand-in-hand travel is various after taking a picture, or do not want occurrence field, can inform rescue them the unit carries away the car; Be buckled like car policeman team, need to undertake road caustic or other loss are compensated for, solve other matters concerned, take policeman let sb pass rear can inform rescue them unit trailer.

Measure 3: Solving other after relevant item, car advocate should search a reliable maintenance unit to build a car, the proposal chooses to have brand and know praise spent maintenance business. Additional, car advocate when maintaining an unit, had better carry guarantee slip reserved copy.

Measure 4: After car repair ends, car advocate should undertake test-drive examines; Whether did the part that have again even if checks crucial place change a requirement to undertake changing by calm caustic; Final demand bear repair an unit to issue quality to guarantee card.
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