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Two handcart how to go up safe
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Should distinguish the relation between insurance value, insurance amount, real value above all. The insurance value of car is basis new car purchase valence to decide, include car unit price and add purchase cost. The insurance amount of car loss danger can be pressed send the insurance value decision when protecting, also can talk things over by the person that be protected and underwriter affirmatory, perhaps press the real value decision of the car, but highest must not exceed insurance value, disable partly more than. The formula of real value computation that insurance vehicle provides in clauses is: Guide only then new car of big pool? purchases value / national regulation uses × of fixed number of year (national regulation uses fixed number of year - already used) of fixed number of year. Old car is being cast additional risk can choose to plant according to different situation when protecting, cast insurance cost to pay according to the one certainty ratio of insurance amount.

Loss of compensatory cent whole vehicle and partial loss two kinds. Only to going up car loss danger is mixed for the car of add pilfer rush to deal with an emergency, if old car throws amount of the insurance when protecting,be the value that presses new car (insurance value) affirmatory, at this moment the insurance amount of the car and insurance value are same, but the real value of car of insurance amount prep above. Encounter whole vehicle when car by pilfer, grab 3 months above, via public security put on record reconnoiter did not uncover, the loss of insurance car presses computation of plan certainty ratio to compensate for, with exceeding insurance the real value computation at that time is compensated for, the 20 % of indemnity are paid oneself by insurant. If press real value,affirmatory compensation is sure under this car the 20 % of value, the highest compensation that can get is the 20 % that deliver value of the insurance when maintaining car be or get out of danger only. After compensation, the rights and interests of this car puts in an underwriter 's charge all, insurance liability is stopped. Just be damaged when car by the part of different level when, by repair charge computation actually to compensate for, in removing a provision outside paying a share oneself, the others is assumed by insurance company. Indemnity and insurance amount are relevant. If old car casts the insurance amount when protecting to decide by the real value of the car, insurance amount under insurance value, but be equal to real value. Encounter car by pilfer, grab when causing whole vehicle loss, gotten compensation and insurance amount are equal at insurance value same, but when encountering a part to damage, differ however. Insurance car gets computational compensation repairs charge pressing the scale of insurance amount and insurance value. Car loss is sure with exceeding amount in the limit of, when if insurance car presses total damage unwise to calculate loss of compensation or share,reparations reachs insurance amount, the insurance liability of car loss danger is stopped. When insurance amount under real value when, if car produces total loss, insurance company is calculated according to insurance amount compensation. So, when giving the assurance on car should be practical and realistic, full specified amount is cast protect. Illustrate: Assume the new car of a car purchases valence to be 120 thousand yuan, after using 3 years, car advocate buy with 80 thousand yuan, criterion right now its real value is 120 thousand yuan / 15 years of × (15 years - 3 years) =9.6 10 thousand yuan. Sending the case that defends different insurance amount, produce total loss (by pilfer) with partial loss (repair cost 800 yuan) when, the reparations of insurance company calculates as follows:
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