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The commercial bank on Shanghai will borrow the market through introducing car o
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Experience is the closest after car of two years borrows low ebb, the car loan hopeful of next year presents evidence of get warm again after a cold spell. Bank of Shanghai Pudong development is relevant chief yesterday to " daily economy news " divulge, after finishing a series of technologies to prepare, this next year will be since January on car loan enhance strength. And what this pulls open car of commercial bank regain to borrow the market likely is prelusive.

Riverside issues assistant president Zhang Yaolin to was accepted recently " daily economy news " also confirm when the special interview, car loan will be banking of this future individual one of development keys of Wu, predict to be able to be obtained quite progress. "Car loan is not to cannot be done, however with

The practice presence that go to is scant. " Zhang Yaolin says.

"We used measure of a few technologies to prevent to cheat what borrow and escape reimbursement to appear. " riverside issues a personage to tell " daily economy news " . In should going to had introduced a car to shift business from abroad use generally track a system. "Want mount only such system, whole world of have the aid of locates, we can find the place of mortgage vehicle, " this personage says, this makes a bank OK need not worry about mortgage vehicle " disappear mysteriously " , or by baleful pass on.

Besides, riverside give back shifts consumptive sex car and manage sexual car to borrow try to distinguish, make more strict provision into number to managing the loan of sexual car. Choose to go up in agency at the same time, the 4S shop with side overweight good reputation. Sign directly with manufacturer counter-purchase a contract, reduce bank loss in order to ensure when producing bad Zhang.

"Locking up calm client group and model also is a key. " this personage says, riverside hair will emphasize particularly on have stability to still borrow origin, pay attention to the client of high grade loan of individual credence. In crowd of make choice of at the same time also make choice of " intermediate car " as put borrowed emphasis. "High-grade car devalues too fast, get an import car and custom duty impact are bigger. Risk of cheap car reimbursement is higher. " this personage tells " daily economy news " .

But the challenge that riverside leaven dough faces still comparatives big. Afore-mentioned personages disclose, the technical system cost that riverside hair introduces is quite considerable, the car that should reach 50 thousand or so borrows portfolio ability to realize gain. And a few car banking firms that extend energetically also can take the loan outstanding achievement to thousands of only this year.

In the meantime, the movement that riverside sends still did not get the response of other bank. The personage inside course of study says, the car is borrowed be in at present banking the scale that shifts business is in normally 10% the following, a lot of banks are insufficient 5% . Because be borrowed before two years in the car,go up " get hurt too deep " , each still are borrowed to the car support wait-and-see attitude. But because the room is borrowed,be affected by macroscopical adjusting control, each face the pressure that extends income source all right, the business mode with once the car shifts business,appear relatively mature, the rate of follow-up will be quite rapid.
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