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Car by pilfer how to insurance company claim for compensation
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After 1. car is grabbed by pilfer, did not recover inside 3 months, protect door can to insurance company claim for compensation. The case proof that branch of insurance policy, public security must offer to issue when claim for compensation, driver's license, buy a car original bill, purchase bureau of highway of cost proof, city " motor-driven car stops sail proof " the necessary sheet card such as receipt.

2. After be like insurance company to compensate for, the insurance car that is grabbed by pilfer searchs, insurance company can give car depreciation protect door, call in corresponding reparations. If protect door do not wish to call in primary vehicle, criterion car ownership puts in insurance company 's charge.

3. If protect door issue the day that is grabbed to prove by pilfer to rise from public security mechanism, afore-mentioned only evidence are not submitted inside 3 months, insurance company regards as namely protect door abandon rights and interests of one's own accord.