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The be or get out of danger below 6 kinds of circumstances not compensate
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Most car advocate think bought insurance with respect to everything is just fine, what problem will seek insurance company claim for compensation henceforth. But the personage inside course of study points out, must not think your love car after buying insurance entered safe, some circumstances insurance company is not to grant to manage of compensate.

Not yearly check

Insurance is only right eligible car become effective, to not the car of the yearly check can count unqualified car only, below this kind of circumstance, although was bought,be sure also of no help.

Not year careful

The driver does not have year of careful, what open car to attribute unqualified traffic, insurance company can reject any manage compensate according to insurance contract.

It is without license plate car when be or get out of danger, compensate of insurance car manage must have two requirements: It is the travel card that insurance car must have nucleus of management department of public security transportation to send or name brand; 2 it is to be during the regulation inside certificate of proof of management department of transportation of classics public security. Different ground buys a car to cannot get compensation in the be or get out of danger in the road that shift a car is this reason.

Without fault

" insurance law " regulation: "Must responsible maintain " , compensate of insurance company ability pays. Although insurant has certain fault, also must first to tripartite claim for compensation, just win the compensation of insurance company likely. Once abandoned seeking the right of countervail to tripartite, also abandoned the right to insurance company seek redress.

From family

A third party in danger of responsibility of a third party is told popularly, eliminate 4 kinds of people namely: Namely the domestic member of the driver when this underwriter, insurant, car happening accident and its family member, insurant.
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