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Business affairs personage most expect move feeling drive
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-- the Kelaisile that unscrambles a department to give house is platinic acute

Keyword: Platinic acute of the Sile that overcome Lai is highborn engine of comprehensive and safe world

The aureola on body of platinic acute of the highborn Sile that overcome Lai

One of 3 big Motor Corporation of American Motor Corporation is having Kelaisile too much and brilliant, kelaisile is MPV the author of this fractionize market, legend character Ai Ke blocked Kelaisile 1983 roll out the whole world car of the first MPV. Kelaisile is the contriver of HEMIV8 engine. 1951, the HEMIV8 engine with engineer famous design of Kelaisile (use hemisphere form firebox) , in 20 centuries the 50 high-powered standards that established the United States with 60 time. HEMIV8 engine spent development time of 6 years, it is engine of the first V8, it is the milepost on engine history, obtain 5 years continuously anthology " 10 beautiful engine of world " . In the meantime, kelaisile initiate clipper-built model, 1934, kelaisile initiate whole world the first clipper-built car - Airflow, this is auto industry history revolution. The 4th, kelaisile center of car research and development is center of current world's largest car research and development, it is the American the 2nd edifice except the Pentagon. The stripe of platinic acute bounty grille that take energy of life, enchase at the mark of badge of travel ala type in the middle of upper part like nature itself, all show Kelaisile of familial star product classical with atmosphere. On automobile body 6 are like sculptural ray, indicative speed, force and passion.

Regard afterwards as Kelaisile300CThe 2nd later homebred model, the predecessor of platinic acute of the Sile that overcome Lai is Ceng Huo the United States is authoritative car magazine " MotorTrend " of year car title overcame Laisile 1995 cirrus (Chrysler Cirrus) . Cirrus conquer is numerous and different the adversary of level, model, depend on preeminent actual strength, obtain the highest honor of media of plane of group of automobile of this one United States.
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